When Is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

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The best time of day to take CBD depends on different factors. CBD is available in various forms, including oil, gummies, capsule, and topicals. These products come in varying potencies and work differently in the body. Knowing the best time to take CBD fosters the efficient use of the cannabinoid, which is easy to utilize. Below is a guide on when is the best time of the day to take CBD, covering vitals aspects you should know.

Factors That Help Determine When to Take CBD

What’s the best time of day to take CBD? When to take CBD is based on various things, including the dosage, type of CBD product, and reason for taking CBD.

Reason for Taking CBD

CBD is used for different reasons. Some users take CBD in the morning to support general well-being, while others use it in the evening before resting. When to take CBD depends on a person’s individual needs. The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates bodily functions such as pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immunity.

The body releases cannabinoids to manage issues like pain, mood changes, and inflammation. However, CBD is a plant cannabinoid that stimulates the endocannabinoid system, enhancing its performance in the body.


There is no universal CBD dose to use. Finding the right dose for your needs requires some experimentation. Experts recommend you begin with a low CBD dosage, such as 10mg per serving, and gradually increase it. That way, you avoid using high CBD quantities when lower amounts might be helpful. That being said, CBD dosages affect the body differently. Some symptoms may respond to lower CBD dosages and others to higher doses.  Stick to your starting dose for a week before adjusting it.

Listen to how your body responds to a CBD dose and identify the best time of day to take CBD for your needs. Furthermore, preliminary studies suggest high doses of CBD can cause drowsiness, and that is an effect you do not want to experience in the morning before work. Ensure you follow the dosage guidelines to maximize the efficiency of CBD in your body.

Type of CBD Product

CBD products differ in how fast they take effect in the body. The effects of vaping CBD kick in almost immediately (2-5minutes), but this is not a recommended way to use CBD. Using CBD oil sublingually is the second fastest way to get CBD into your system. You apply CBD oil drops under the tongue and wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing. CBD oil gets into your bloodstream through the blood vessels in your mouth.

You should feel the effects in 15-30minutes. Oral CBD products like gummies and capsules are also available. Their effects kick in within 30-90minutes. You can also use CBD topicals like creams and salves. When to use these products depends on how fast you want relief and how long the effects last.

Best Times of the Day to Take CBD

There is no best time of day to take CBD oil, gummies, capsules, or topicals. As mentioned earlier, when to take CBD depends on the reasons for taking it, the dosage, and the type of CBD product in use.

Benefits of Taking CBD in the Morning

Using CBD in the morning supports overall wellness throughout the day. The effects of CBD last in the body for several hours, depending on the product you are using and the dosage. You can have another serving of CBD later in the day if your body needs additional relief.

Taking CBD in the morning also ensures that your body has cannabinoids boosting its performance in regulating different functions. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, helping the human body produce cannabinoids to support balance.

Benefits of Taking CBD in the Evening

Taking CBD in the evening may help with unwinding. CBD gets to work in the body as you rest and forget about stressful activities of the day. Functions of the endocannabinoid system include regulating mood and the sleep cycle. CBD enhances the system’s effectiveness by activating endocannabinoid receptors in various parts of the body.

How about During Lunch?

You can take CBD during lunch for prolonged effects in your body. CBD effects last in your system for 2-6 hours, depending on the product you use, and you can have 2-3 servings of CBD per day when using a low-potency product.

Note that CBD is fat-soluble, so it easily binds to lipids in food. Fats in food may boost CBD’s absorption into the body. You can take CBD on its own or add it to food and beverages. Moreover, heat does not affect CBD. The cannabinoid is also used in recipes, including baked goods, providing fun ways to consume CBD. Apart from the popular CBD products (oil, gummies, capsules, and topicals), CBD brands are offering new, innovative products like CBD chocolates and drinks that are easy to add to your wellness routine.

After Work?

When you have had a busy day, fatigue can be hard on your body and mind. The endocannabinoid system works to restore balance in your mood and other functions, fostering wellness. Taking CBD after work boosts the system’s performance in managing its functions, including mood and pain regulation.

Using CBD after work supports your body’s rejuvenation process after performing various tasks during the day and helps prepare it for rest in the evening.

Before and After Exercise

Using CBD before workouts prepares it for exercise. Working out can cause pain, soreness, and inflammation in joints. The endocannabinoid system regulates how your body responds to pain signals, enhancing balance.

Using CBD before workouts stimulates the system to produce more cannabinoids, which help with the pain that may occur when working out. On the other hand, using CBD after workouts supports recovery. CBD helps your body produce more cannabinoids that help with discomfort after exercise.

When to Take CBD Oil and Other Products

The best time to take CBD oil and other products depends on the product and why you are taking CBD.

When to Take CBD Oil

You experience CBD oil effects in 15-30 minutes, and they last for 2-6 hours. The best time of day to take CBD oil for sleep is a few minutes before bed. The effects kick in quickly. You do not have to wait for an hour or more, like in the case of gummies and capsules. CBD oil may also help with mood regulation by stimulating the endocannabinoid system. CBD’s interaction with the system may help your mood.

The best time of day to take CBD for anxiety depends on the type of anxiety disorder. When you need calm and focus for the day, take CBD oil in the morning. You can use CBD oil a few minutes before social interactions for social anxiety disorder and take the product when other types of anxiety occur.

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When to Take CBD Gummies and Capsules

The best time of day to take CBD gummies is an hour earlier. This works great for sleep. You need to ingest a gummy or two an hour before bed to ensure the effects are available when you get to bed. The effects of CBD gummies can last for 4-6hours. If you choose to use encapsulated CBD, again, the best time of day to take CBD capsules depends on why you are using them. If it is for improved rest in the evening, take capsules an hour earlier to ensure the timely onset of effects.

When to Take CBD Topicals

CBD topicals provide localized relief to the affected body part. You apply a generous amount to the area and rub it in to enhance CBD’s absorption. The best time of day to take CBD for pain is anytime you have discomfort. You should experience relief in a few minutes. You can also reapply a CBD topical later if the effects diminish. CBD creams and salves come in different strengths to suit different user needs.

Why Taking CBD Consistently Is Important?

Consistency when taking CBD is vital. You should take CBD around the same time daily to maximize its performance in your body. Remember to start with a low CBD dose and monitor how your endocannabinoid system responds. If there are no changes after a week, you can increase the dosage gradually to identify a CBD amount that works for your body. You can have 1-2 servings of CBD per day, depending on why you are using CBD products.

How to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating CBD into your routine should be easy, considering the product variety available. You can use CBD oil, gummies, capsules, or topicals to support wellness. Try using CBD oil in the morning or add it to your food and beverages. You may also use CBD gummies or capsules in the evening to boost the endocannabinoid system’s role in regulating mood, sleep, and appetite, among other functions.

CBD topicals like salves and creams are easy to use on muscles and joints. These products come in different potencies to consider using. CBD capsules and gummies are discreet and great for on-the-go use.

If you are on medication, consult your doctor before using CBD products. CBD interacts with some medicines, affecting how they work in your body. A physician will advise on whether you should try CBD and at what dose. If you are not on medication and do not have a health condition, you can try CBD without consulting a doctor. Ensure you start with a low dose and make gradual increments if necessary. Moreover, spend money on the best CBD products. High-quality CBD is made from organic hemp plants using the C02 extraction method. It also undergoes independent lab testing, and the lab report is easily available to confirm product components.


1. When should I take CBD oil for insomnia?

Take CBD oil a few minutes before bed for insomnia. CBD oil effects can be felt in 15-30 minutes and last up to 6 hours. The best way to use CBD oil is by administering a few drops under the tongue and waiting a minute or longer before swallowing the remaining amount.

2. When should I take CBD oil for anxiety?

When to take CBD oil for anxiety depends on the anxiety disorder you are dealing with. There are several types of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

When anxious in the morning about an event that is about to occur, consider using CBD oil earlier for calm and focus throughout the day. You can take CBD oil for social anxiety a few minutes before social interactions.

3. Is it better to take CBD with food or on an empty stomach?

It is better to take CBD on an empty stomach to allow it to work in your body without interference. However, CBD is fat-soluble and can be taken when having a meal. You can also add CBD oil to beverages.

4. When should I take CBD, morning or night?

Taking CBD in the morning or at night depends on why you are using it. Taking CBD in the morning supports wellness throughout the day, while night use enhances the performance of the endocannabinoid system in ensuring balance for functions such as mood, sleep, and immunity.

5. Can I use multiple CBD products at the same time?

Yes, you can use multiple CBD products at the same time. For instance, you can take CBD oil in the morning, gummies in the evening, and a CBD topical for joints and muscles. CBD is a safe product, and studies show people can tolerate as much as 1500mg of CBD daily. However, you need to start with a low CBD dose and work your way up gradually.

6. Will CBD make me sleepy during the day?

CBD will not make you sleepy during the day. Users say it provides calm and relaxation but does not cause sleepiness. Different things in life help us relax, but they do not make us sleepy, and CBD works in a similar way. However, high CBD doses can cause side effects such as drowsiness and fatigue in some people. Ensure you adhere to starting with a low CBD dose.

7. Can I take CBD during the day without issues?

Yes, you can take CBD during the day without any issues. Quality CBD is safe, and most users tolerate it. It does make users sleepy but supports the functioning of the endocannabinoid system to ensure body balance.

Closing Thoughts

The best time to take CBD depends on the CBD product in use, dosage, and the reason you are using CBD. Brands provide CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and topicals to consider using. They work in the body differently to support wellness. You can also use more than one CBD product at the same time to enhance the effects of CBD in your system. Ensure you follow dosage guidelines when using CBD products and consult a doctor if you are on medication before using CBD.


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