CBD Oil Under the Tongue: Taking CBD Sublingually

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There are many forms of cannabidiol (CBD) products. This means that there are also several modes of administration. Placing CBD oil under the tongue, also known as sublingual CBD intake, is one of the most common and effective ways of CBD administration. It is normally used in the treatment and management of conditions such as anxiety, headaches, nausea, and epilepsy. The review below highlights how you can tale CBD sublingually, how CBD oil works under the tongue, and the benefits of sublingual intake.

How Can You Take CBD Sublingually?

There are two modes of sublingual intake. The most effective and common way involves placing a few drops under the tongue. You have to let the compound in the CBD oil sit there for around 30 seconds or so to dissolve and diffuse into the bloodstream. This method is ideal if you are looking for a natural way to get the most out of CBD oil. The second method involves the use of a CBD spray. But it’s less common since it has a slightly lower bioavailability.

How Does CBD Work Under the Tongue?

You need to first start by placing the recommended oil drops under the tongue. Alternatively, you can spray the CBD Oil. This method works through the membranes found underneath the tongue and inside your cheeks.

It is worth noting that the membranes in these areas have blood vessels whose role is to transport blood around the body. So, when you place the CBD oil under the tongue, the compound will be absorbed through these membranes and then enter the bloodstream. For most people, it generally takes a minute or two.

When the CBD reaches the bloodstream, it will get transported throughout the body and reach different cells. Note that the body cells in other parts are affected by various conditions, and the wide range of CBD properties may help ease them.

CBD in the bloodstream works in the presence of the endocannabinoid system that’s responsible for promoting homeostasis. This, therefore, makes CBD effective in regulating wellness issues such as pain, stress, inflammation, mood changes, and other issues.

How Much CBD Can Be Absorbed Sublingually?

For starters, this method is one of the most effective ways to get the cannabinoid compound into your body. That’s why there have been numerous clinical studies to determine the full effectiveness of its absorption rate. So, how much CBD content gets into the body after a sublingual intake?

Of course, you don’t want to use a product that will lead to a 10% or 5% intake. This means that you won’t be getting value for money. However, other methods have a less than 10% uptake, which is why they may not be fully effective.

Overall, sublingual intake is a faster and effective method with the uptake of up to 35%. This is a sonically high level of bioavailability compared to oral administration, which is normally low.

Benefits Of Taking CBD Sublingually

The term “sublingual” refers to a large blood vessel that’s found under the tongue. So, when liquid products such as tinctures are placed under the tongue, they will easily find their way into the bloodstream through these vessels. The speed and effectiveness of the absorption process are why this method is quite popular.

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Generally, consumer reviews indicate that placing CBD oil under the tongue is quick and easy. There’s very little effort needed during the whole process, and it takes just a few minutes. Besides that, this method also offers discreetness. You can take CBD sublingually at home, outdoors, or even in a public setting such as work and school.

Lastly, sublingual intake has a higher absorption rate. This means that more cannabinoid compounds will get into your bloodstream, leading to more powerful effects.

Downsides of Taking CBD Sublingually

Of course, there are many reasons why you should place CBD oil under the tongue. However, this technique has a few downsides as well. For instance, it’s not easy to start initially, and it might take you several attempts before you can be successful.

Besides that, the presence of cannabidiol compounds near the salivary glands may interfere with saliva production. This can lead to dry mouth or the cottonmouth effect. Lastly, the effects of this method only last for a shorter duration, and hence it is not ideal for chronic medical conditions.

How Does Sublingual CBD Intake Compare to Other Methods

CBD is a versatile compound; hence it can exist in many forms. This means that there are several other methods of intake, apart from sublingual. But how does it compare to other methods?

Placing CBD oil drops under the tongue may be effective, especially if you want to experience the CBD effects quickly. However, the effects are last for a few minutes to a couple of hours compared to a product such as gummy. Besides that, the level of uptake might be slightly lower. Below is a table highlighting how this compound fares in comparison to other types of CBD products.

Type of Intake Method Percentage of Uptake into the Bloodstream Time to take Effect
Sublingually/ Under the tongue 35% 15-25 minutes
Swallowed 5-20% 30 minutes-2 hours
Rectal intake 7-50% 20-60 minutes
Vaporized 55%+ 10-20 minutes
Topically 45%+ 20-50 minutes

Note: Rectal intake isn’t a quite popular method, unlike the others. However, its uptake rate is generally good.


Sublingual CBD intake provides a faster and efficient way of getting CBD into the bloodstream. It involves a straightforward process, and you can feel the effects of CBD almost instantly. This provides an ideal way of dealing with anxiety, stress, and epilepsy that requires quick action. However, you have to be careful with sublingual CBD administration since it can easily result in a dry mouth. Besides that, its effects generally last for a couple of hours in the body.


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