Joints for Jabs: The New Fun Way of Getting Vaccinated!

Joints for Jabs

The past year and a half of Covid as seen people all around the world making some drastic changes to their ‘normal’ way of doing things. Likewise, some have been quite adamant on their way of life, even going as far as to doubt the very existence of the pandemic – crazy right? Still, this posed as a minor setback during the initial enforcement of the lockdown regulations, and it possess a much greater threat now during the rollout of the vaccines, where people simply won’t show up to get their jabs. so there was an announcement of “Joints for Jabs” Campaign.

Why the Pressure?

With the heavy urgency to reopen the global economy, some have taken to some interesting ideas, with the sole intent to get more doses put into more hands. A particularly good example of this is seen in Washington D.C in the United States. Though it was not a particular hotspot of the virus, its proximity to New York, which was, saw the local hospitals and clinics recoding large numbers of infections and subsequent deaths.

The Joints for Jabs Initiative

The Joints for Jabs Initiative

Authorities in the US capital have been working around the clock to open up the state, as seen by the relaxing of its prior restrictions against breweries, pubs, salons, restaurants and so on – where some of these now even give out a free appetiser, drink or cup of coffee for proof of vaccination. Others were even authorised to arrange prize giveaways and free tickets to landmark sports events. However, their most daring venture yet just saw them setting up the ‘Joints for Jabs’ program, which aims to incentivise the vaccine rollout by giving out a free ‘blunt’ to each successful recipient of the vaccine – yes, you heard me, free weed for anyone who gets vaccinated!

That’s Not All…

But hold on, the Joints for Jabs program is not as straightforward as you may think. Its arrangement and implementation were arranged by the state Liquor and Cannabis Board. The board just recently released a statement with clarification on just how this is all going to go down – the state now allows adult use of Cannabis, as you may already know.

According to them, ‘’any fully licensed marijuana store for adults can now pre-roll joints and give them out to anyone who successfully receives a vaccine shot at an on-site Covid clinic help by the 12th of July, provided that the recipient is at least 21 years of age.’’ Also, any of these licensed retail stores are required by the state to make their Marijuana purchases from known and regulated distributors and producers, those officiated by the government of the United States of America. They must keep records of all these purchases, as well as records of each and every joint giveaway, right next to the proof of vaccination.

The state’s governor recently stated at a public conference that the Washington authorities plan to fully eradicate all currently active Covid restrictions, preferably at the end of the month, but more specifically when at least 70% of all state residents over the age mark of 16 have gotten their first jab of the vaccine. This, as much of an existing revelation as it was, called upon everyone in the state to take action against the virus, especially when it came to the vaccination. Evidently, people within the state needed some persuading, where many did not even plan on showing up at vaccination centres.

Wind of the Joints for Jabs initiative has already hit the streets of Washington cities and suburbs, where it is seen to have received mostly positive feedback words. The state is already requesting more doses from the nation’s Covid Taskforce, hopeful for the sure increase in the numbers of those who will show up for the vaccination. Likewise, the individual marijuana retail stores spread out across the state are now stocking up in their product too, where the Joints for Jabs program also means potential for them to get big business, where more people will be popping into their stores. Local law enforcement, which was initially projected to be against the whole idea of ‘giving out free weed’ have remained mostly quiet towards the initiative, supposedly preparing from any blowback in criminal conduct that may come consequential to the program rollout, an unlikely eventuality.

Posts all around Washington state have been pointing out the initial calls for marijuana incentivised campaigns made over the past couple of months, acknowledging that the government has finally paid action to their requests. Individuals put on record in the public have given a colourful tone toward the Joints for Jabs campaign, where some are calling it ‘’the best idea the government has had in years’’, while others are showing some concern, stating that the move could ‘’open up some major loopholes in the already flawed drug system of America.’’ Others are simply closing on the matter, calling it ‘’an interesting idea.’


So, Joints for Jabs…the new initiative to make more people go for the vaccine. Its commencement is sure to be something, where the government has never been seen to propel any self-sanctioned drug propelling campaign. What say you, will you be part of the thousands that are projected to turn up, or not?



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