Treating Your Pet with CBD: How Does It Work?

Treating Your Pet with CBD

The use of CBD for pets has significantly increased even as vets urge pet owners to be cautious. Well, this is because this alternative source of medicine works naturally and efficiently to promote wellness. Besides that, it’s cheap and affordable, something that pet owners find good for long-term use.

You can use it to treat and manage pets of all sizes and breeds. But how does CBD work in the body? Besides that, what are some of the benefits that your pet can gain after using such a product? Well, here is a review highlight how CBD for pets works and its benefits.

What is CBD?

CBD is a term that stands for cannabidiol. This is the 2nd most prevalent active ingredient found in cannabis plants. It has a wide array of properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-anxiety, neuroprotective, and anti-tumor among others. CBD is normally mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT oil to create bioavailable CBD oil.

How Does CBD Work in Pets?

Pets, just like humans, have the endocannabinoid system that promotes homeostasis. It’s worth noting that this system also forms part of the nervous system, and it manages various body processes. This includes sleep, appetite, and hormones among others.

Preliminary research indicates that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system by influencing the effectiveness of CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system. They are responsible for governing pain, movement, coordination, and memory, etc.

On the other hand, CB2 receptors are found in the peripheral nervous system. They play a role in influencing how the body responds to pain and inflammation. By influencing the effectiveness of these receptors in the body, your pet will end up feeling better since this organic compound tries to restore a sense of normalcy.

How Can CBD Help My Pet?

There are many ways that CBD can help your pet. This organic cannabis extract has lots of medicinal properties. It can, therefore, be effective in helping your furry friend deal with mental and physical health issues. The benefits of CBD for pets include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Treating pain and inflammation
  • Managing epilepsy
  • Treating skin conditions
  • Managing neurodegenerative diseases
  • Fighting Cancer Symptoms

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Pets such as dogs and cats frequently suffer from these two health conditions. Stress and anxiety can occur as a result of underlying health complications, loud noises, changes in the environment, or simply phobias. CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties. It can induce calmness and relaxation, thereby helping your pet to feel at ease.

Treating Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation in pets can occur as a result of underlying health complications or injuries. Besides that, old age can be the biggest trigger. For instance, older pets are more likely to suffer from arthritis. This is a condition that’s characterized by joint pains and inflammation.

However, CBD can help to provide pain relief and treat inflammation. A research study that was done by the University of London’s Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy indicates that it can be effective in managing chronic pain and inflammation.

Managing Epilepsy

Epilepsy is an incurable disease that results in seizures in animals. Its effects are usually severe and can be harmful to other organs in the body. While clinical medications can help to manage this condition, they usually come with additional side effects. Additionally, these medications are also expensive to afford for long-term use.

CBD poses as a cheaper, safer, and effective alternative for epileptic management. It helps to reduce the severity and frequency of epileptic seizures in pets. This is normally facilitated with the compound’s anticonvulsant properties.

Treating Skin Conditions

If your pet is scratching itself excessively or constantly licking its fur, then it most likely has a skin condition. These symptoms may sometimes get accompanied by loss of fur, skin redness, and rashes. Skin infections in pets can occur as a result of infections or allergic reactions.

But regardless of the cause, CBD oil can be an effective remedy in treating skin conditions. You can apply it topically to ease your pet’s discomfort and reducing the severity of these issues. However, understand that using CBD only won’t cure your pet. So, you need to still consult your vet.

Managing Neurodegenerative Diseases

Pets are more likely to suffer from neurodegenerative diseases as they get older. For instance, older dogs are more likely to suffer from degenerative myelopathy. This condition is often accompanied by other nerve and spine diseases.

CBD provides a natural and effective way of managing neurodegenerative diseases in pets. This is because it can help to reduce neuroinflammation. Additionally, it’s an effective treatment for DNA management and enhancing autoimmune prevention.

Fighting Cancer Symptoms

Until now, there is no medication that can outrightly cure cancer. Most treatment options involve a combination of medications and therapy. Even so, the results are not usually successful.

Preliminary research and controlled studies indicate that CBD has a serious impact in managing the effect of cancer. Well, this is because this organic compound has anti-tumor properties. Besides that, it can be used to manage the harsh side effects of cancer treatment. This includes nausea and vomiting thanks to the cannabis compound’s anti-emetic effects.

Note: However, there is still a need for more research studies to fully establish the effectiveness of CBD in treating cancer. Besides that, ensure that you consult your doctor first before giving your pet CBD products.

CBD Treats Vs. Oil: Which is More Effective?

CBD Treats vs. Oil, which is more effective


CBD treats and oil are the most common cannabidiol-based products used to treat pets. However, they are quite different in terms of appearance as well as administration.  Some of their key differences include:





CBD Treats

Pure organic hemp oil that’s administered with a dropper as droplets Edible chews that are in the form of treats. Treats are administered individually.
A higher and pure concentration of CBD Reduced concentration of CBD due to processing.
Adjustable dosing precision depending on the pet’s requirements Fixed dosing per treat. Adjusting the dosing will alter the amount of CBD content to unknown
Administered sublingually or mixed with food Administered directly
Doesn’t contain added flavoring May feature added flavors to enhance the taste

CBD pet oil is the most effective alternative in this case due to the following reasons:

High Level of Purity and Potency

Unlike treats that are normally mixed with several other ingredients, the purity and potency found in CBD oil is great for enhancing wellness. If you choose a pet product from a reputable brand, then these two features will definitely be unmatched. The dosing with the dropper also ensures that you give your pet the right product potency.

Organic Nature

Cookies or treats are usually subjected to heat which damages the elements found in the CBD. They are processed and cooked and this causes a significant reduction in the potency and efficiency of the vital cannabinoids. Meanwhile, tinctures tend to retain their raw organic nature since they don’t undergo further processing or transformation.

Low Risk of Contaminants

High-quality CBD pet oil products are made with organic plant extracts only. This means that there is a reduced risk of contamination. On the other hand, treats usually come with extra ingredients and calories. They may, therefore, contain contaminants and allergens that may affect the pet’s normal functioning.

Are There Any Side Effects Of CBD For Pets?

CBD has a generally good safety profile. That’s why it’s one of the most recommended types of alternative medicine. But does it mean that CBD for pets is 100% safe for use? Well, this isn’t true.

It’s worth mentioning that this organic compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system uniquely in different animals. While most pets are likely to experience the benefits of CBD, it may also result in unwanted side effects.

Potential downsides of using CBD in pets include:

Dry mouth

Preliminary research studies indicate that CBD can result in a dry mouth. Well, this normally happens due to the interaction between the organic compound and the salivary gland. It interferes with the production of saliva leading to dry mouth. This side effect will manifest itself in the form of increased thirst.


It mainly occurs when pet owners use CBD to treat anxiety. The calming effect of CBD oil makes it effective in easing worry and constant fear is associated with slight drowsiness. However, it’s more likely to happen if you give your pet higher doses of CBD.

Lowered blood pressure

Giving your pet higher doses of CBD oil can cause a slight and temporary drop in the level of blood pressure. As a result, your dog may end up experiencing light-headedness briefly.

 Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal in the US federally. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in December, CBD was no longer classified as a Schedule I drug.

However, there is still a grey area when it comes to the legality of this product. This is because different states have different hemp laws. For instance, in states such as Mississippi, Kansas, Indiana, North, and South Carolina, CBD products are still legal.

Besides that, the source of the hemp extract is crucial in determining the legality of CBD. If this compound is extracted from marijuana plants, then it automatically becomes illegal. This is because marijuana has psychoactive and can alter the way the mind functions. Legal CBD products come from organically cultivated hemp plants.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that CBD is now one of the most sought-after sources of alternative medicine. It works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote improved general wellness. It can perfectly handle mental health complications with no cure as well as physical problems.

Pet owners can use CBD to manage both everyday discomforts and severe medical complications. Treats and tinctures provide an easier way to administer this organic plant extract to your furry friend. However, always remember to exercise caution when giving your pet such products. For safety purposes, consult with your doctor first before you give your pet CBD.



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