Top 10 High CBD Strains in 2022

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It’s evident that CBD is a great source of organic medicine. Many people who have used CBD products have experienced its positive impact, and that’s why there are many high-CBD strains on the market. With the high availability of such products, it can be challenging for you to make the best choice. Well, here is an overview of the top 10 high CBD strains in 2022. They are popular, highly effective, affordable, and also easy to find.

How Did We Pick the Best Weed Strains?

There are already lots of high-CBD strains available. Thus, picking the best from the wide variety on market isn’t easy. Besides that, a lot of uncertainty comes with determining the authenticity of CBD flower strains. To ensure that we pick high-quality products that are safe and effective, here is an overview of how we did pick the best weed strains.


the best cannabis products usually come from organic sources. Thus, consider making purchases of hemp flowers grown without pesticides and chemicals. Consider those one’s cultivated using ethical growing techniques that promote sustainability. All the high-CBD strains in this list have been selectively picked and are 100% natural.

The Curing Process

Curing is a process where harvested cannabis is dried or aged. This is important in fine-tuning the moisture content and allowing for the decay of chlorophyll and plant sugars before consumption. The best high-CBD products we picked were cured slowly to bring out their terpene profiles effectively. As a result, they are not too dry or too moist.


It’s sometimes known as strength, which is important when choosing CBD for wellness. The strong the cannabis potency, the better you will experience the benefits. Generally, flowers with 14%-19% CBD have strength but if you want to amplify the results, consider those with CBD ranging between 17% and 24%.

3rd-Party Lab Tests

The medical cannabis industry is widely unregulated. The FDA hasn’t approved the use of CBD for wellness. To ensure that their customers are on the safe side, the most reputable brands usually do independent 3rd-party lab verification. This ensures that the products packed are free of impurities and toxic contaminants.

Top 10 High CBD Strains in 2022

Based on our strict selection process, we made a list of the top 10 high CBD strains in 2022. The strains have different CBD content ranges, but the percentage is generally high compared to other products on the market. Besides that, they are safe, organic, and effective in enhancing general wellness.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s-Web Strain

Charlotte’s Web is one of the market’s most popular high CBD cannabis strains. It was initially developed by the Stanley Brothers from Colorado for Charlotte Figi, who was battling Dravet Syndrome. This strain was used to treat rare epilepsy that usually affects children. It effectively reduced the number of seizures from 300 weekly to 2-3 per month.

Over the years, Charlotte’s Web’s popularity has become one of the most sought-after CBD strains. It normally contains 17%-20% CBD, with almost no THC content. It’s ideal for uplifting mood, providing pain relief, and promoting relaxation.


ACDC Strain

ACDC is a CBD-dominant cannabis strain that’s made a Cannatonic phenotype. It’s loved by those seeking alternative sources of medicine since it normally produces little or no intoxicating effects. Its CBD to THC ratio is around 20:1.

Just like Charlotte’s Web, ACDC is also great in reducing symptoms of epilepsy. It can also help you manage the symptoms of other medical conditions such as depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. ACDC has an earthy aroma and a sweet citrusy flavor that will easily engage your taste buds.


Remedy Strain

It’s a high-VBD strain made by crossing Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. Due to its extremely low THC content, the Remedy weed strain usually induces little to no psychoactive effects. The plant has yellow-tinted buds that tend to hide under the sheath of its crystal trichomes.

Due to the lemon-pine scent, inhaling it usually produces sweet, floral notes. Patients looking to medicate with this strain can use it to treat pain, seizures, anxiety, stress, autism, and inflammation. Generally, it normally produces a mellow, relaxing feeling thanks to its CBD: THC ratio of 28:1.


Harlequin Strain

Harlequin has a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. This percentage can loosely translate to 8% to 16% for CBD and 4% to 7% for THC. Its reliable expression of CBD means that it normally promotes relaxation and produces clear-headed effects. The descendant of Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss landrace strains can be used to counteract THC-induced paranoia. Its sweet mango and earthy musk flavors make it a great addition to any wellness regimen.

It normally produces an energetic, uplifted, and focused feeling. As a result, most people normally use it to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Even though it has great soothing effects, Harlequin can produce adverse effects such as mild headaches, dry eyes, and dry mouth. But this normally occurs in extreme cases.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine Strain

Cherry Wine is a balanced sativa and indica hybrid with 17% CBD and less than 1% THC. Due to its nature, you can use Cherry Wine during the day or at night. The high-CBD strain is a cross of Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife and was created by the Colorado-based Tree of Life Seeds. It has a fruity, floral taste with some earthy hints in addition to a terpene bouquet that’s reminiscent of green apples.

Cherry Wine is a perfect wellness regimen for evening rituals since it promotes relaxation and can help you unwind after a long tiresome day. Due to its low THC content, it’s also a longtime favorite for those who need a mellow evening. Most consumer reviews indicate that it can help promote muscle and brain relaxation without altering how the mind functions. It effectively handles conditions such as anxiety, pain, and stress.


Harle Tsu Strain

Harle-Tsu has one of the highest CBD averages among cannabis strains, ranging between 20% to 24%. Some samples have reached incredible highs of 38%. Its THC content is usually very low, accounting for less than 1%.
The award-winning strain is a favorite for those struggling with inflammation and mood issues. It’s also used as a painkiller, although its health benefits are diverse.

Harle-Tsu has cannabidiol and terpenes such as myrcene, humulene, and pinene. As a result, you can use it medically to manage pain, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, insomnia, and stress. Most people usually enjoy using Harle-Tsu since it has a sweet earthy scent and a pine, herbal, slightly citrusy flavor.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift Strain

Ringo’s Gift has a CBD to THC ratio of 13:1. However, reports indicate some strains where the ratio can reach the highs of 20:1. This marijuana strain is a cross of two parents, Harle-Tsu and ACDC.

Reviews indicate that it normally gives out a warm and mellow feeling thanks to its calming effects. Ringo’s Gift has an incredibly rich terpene profile, which normally gives it a piney and minty scent alongside a spicy and tangy taste.

It’s mostly used to train painful conditions such as back pain, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. However, this cannabis variety is also highly effective in managing mental and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, and PTSD. It’s also recommended to treat muscle spasms and gastrointestinal issues.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami Strain

It’s considered one of the first high CBD strains to be ever bred. Despite its long history, Sour Tsunami remains a fan favorite, with many users relying on it for wellness. Its average CBD to THC ratio is 13:1

The child of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel strains is rated one of the high-profile CBD strains. It has a chocolate aroma and distinct diesel profile. The sativa-dominant strain was scientifically curated and developed to provide therapeutic benefits.

It’s an effective treatment for painful and inflammatory conditions in addition to stress, anxiety, and nausea. The high-CBD strain’s effectiveness in promoting relaxation makes it suitable for treating sleeplessness and insomnia.


Cannatonic Strain

Cannatonic is a powerful relaxing strain that helps to uplift and focuses the mind. However, these effects normally get easily overshadowed by their warm and numbing effects. The strain is a cross of the female MK Ultra and the male strain, G13 Haze. Its CBD/THC ratio is 1:1.

However, other phenotypes have 6% to 17% of CBD and less than 6% THC. It doesn’t produce mind-altering highs; hence, it’s also ideal for use during the day. This beginner-friendly strain normally has a sweet, mild citrusy taste. Due to its CBD content, Cannatonic has many healing benefits. It can be effective in offering relief from headaches, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.


Elektra Strain

Elektra is closing our top 10 list of high CBD cannabis strains, with 16% CBD and less than 1% THC. The Oregon-bred cannabis is a crossing of Early Resin Berry and ACDC. It has light green/orange buds responsible for its chocolate, red wine, and citrus aroma.

The CBD dominant strain is best used for unwinding after a long day since it normally leads to blissful relaxation. Additionally, its rich terpene expression usually creates an ideal internal atmosphere for a natural feeling of calmness and deep relief.

What is a High CBD Strain of Cannabis?

High CBD strains usually have high CBD ratios compared to other cannabinoids such as THC. They don’t have psychoactive effects and normally produce clear-headed effects, making them ideal for treating physical and mental health issues. Besides that, there are ideal for use at any time of the day since they don’t interfere with your usual productivity.

The Importance of High CBD Strains

High CBD strains can be used in many applications, including food, beauty, and wellness. They have positive effects on different processes in the body. Besides, taking a high CBD strain doesn’t interfere with day-to-day activities. Their importance includes easing the symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Psychiatric disorder

Ways to Use CBD Strains

CBD has a versatile profile; hence you can use it in many forms. Depending on the effects you want to attain and where you want to use CBD, here are the common modes of intake:

  • Smoking: It’s a popular technique, and most people usually smoke it in the form of a joint like a cigarette or a bong. Many people love smoking since it ensures your body experiences maximum benefits. You are also more likely to experience the effects quickly since CBD only takes a few seconds to blend with your bloodstream.
  • Vaping: While smoking produces almost instant effects, it’s more likely to cause harm to your lungs. As a result, many people usually use vaping instead. The dry herb is normally put in heating vaporizers, where you will inhale the CBD vapor. Vaping is great since it normally helps to preserve the terpene flavor.
  • Eating: You can take CBD hemp flowers in the form of sweet, delicious edibles. Besides that, you can make homemade products such as CBD-infused butter or cooking oil which you can use to prepare food.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind Before Taking CBD Strains

CBD is a generally safe cannabinoid compound. That’s why many people use it as an alternative source of medicine. However, it’s important for users to exercise precautions when using high-CBD strains.

Basic safety tips to keep in mind include:

  • Starting with lower concentrations to give the body time to adjust. After that, you can gradually increase the doses
  • Instead of smoking, consider vaping since it’s less likely to damage your lungs. Besides that, vaping helps to retain the terpene flavor.
  • You might need to continue and discontinue your CBD intake regularly since the body might build tolerance over time. It’s also important to switch the strain to ensure that your body doesn’t build tolerance quickly.
  • Those with less body weight need lower CBD dosage, and the vice-versa is also true.

How to Buy CBD Strains

So, you are now aware of the high-CBD strains and want to make a purchase? Well, there are factors that can help you choose the appropriate strain that suits your needs.

To ensure that you get value for your money, consider:

  • Composition: When buying a high-CBD strain, ensure that the THC content is less than 0.3%. THC is a psychoactive compound that normally alters the way the mind functions.
  • Effect: Do you need a hybrid, sativa- or indica-dominant CBD product? Sativa-dominant strain normally produces energizing effects. Meanwhile, indica-dominant strains are known to produce relaxing effects. A hybrid strain will offer a balanced outcome of these two.
  • Aroma and flavor: These products are available in a wide range of flavors and aromas, depending on the terpene profile.

Is CBD Strain Legal?

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD from industrial hemp legal at the federal level. You don’t need a prescription to buy a CBD product with less than 0.3% THC content. Currently, hemp-derived CBD products are legal in almost all 50 states, except Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota.

Final Thoughts

CBD has lots of health benefits, and that’s why the popularity of high-CBD strains is on the rapid rise. These products don’t have intoxicating effects and are ideal for supporting mental and physical health. There are many high-CBD strains on the market, but the ones in this review are the best.

They come from organic sources, are highly effective and efficient to use, and are readily available. Additionally, they also offer value for money. The selection process involved considering several factors, including the source of the strain, independent 3rd-party results, and the curing process.

This way, we guarantee you strains that are safe for use in the long term. While these products are legal federally, ensure that you understand your state’s law before you make purchases.



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