Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

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Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated? CBD oil is among the popular CBD products on the market. It comes in various strengths, and many manufacturers pack it in dropper bottles. Proper CBD oil storage protects its composition and prevents damage to the formulation. If you are looking into CBD oil and refrigeration, you have come to the right place. Below is a guide on whether CBD oil needs refrigeration, answering various queries you might have. Continue reading for details.

Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

CBD oil does not need to be refrigerated. Storing your CBD oil in a cool, dry, dark place is enough to maintain its quality, potency, and longevity. You can have it in a cabinet or drawer to get the most out of CBD. When you buy CBD oil every other month, you do not need to refrigerate it. Moreover, ensure you purchase high-quality CBD oil. Poor quality CBD oil may have ingredients that quickly lower its durability. Light, heat, and air can affect the composition of CBD oil. That is why manufacturers store CBD oil in dark bottles. We will discuss the factors affecting CBD oil storage later in the article.

Reasons to Refrigerate Your CBD Oil

You may need to refrigerate CBD oil if you live in a hot area. High temperatures can affect the potency of CBD oil, causing it to degrade over time. Another reason to refrigerate CBD oil is if you buy the product in bulk. This may help maintain the product’s freshness. You should keep unopened CBD oil in the fridge, as the seal is airtight, so air and humidity do get in.

The seal on opened bottles can be loose, letting in air and humidity that may alter the composition of your CBD oil. Refrigerate unopened CBD oil bottles and keep the bottle you are using in the drawer or cabinet.

However, instead of buying CBD in bulk, consider signing up for a subscription plan. CBD brands offer different subscription intervals, such as every three weeks or monthly. That way, you get a new bottle of CBD oil after a given period over several months or a year instead of bulk buying. Keeping CBD oil in a dark, cool, dry area is an excellent way to store the product. Besides, refrigeration can make CBD oil thicker, making it difficult to pour.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

CBD oil has a life span of 1-2years. With proper storage in a dark, cool area, you are able to maintain its potency. CBD companies package CBD oil in dark bottles to lower exposure to light. Leading brands use high-quality ingredients and processes to make lasting CBD oil. Go for CBD oil made from simple components.

Additionally, the CO2 method of CBD extraction does not affect the stability of hemp extracts in CBD oil, fostering durability. That said, after opening a bottle of CBD oil, it can be used for six months. Companies pack CBD oil in 30ml bottles, which can be depleted in a month with daily servings. That way, you get the use the whole amount before it is too late. Moreover, keep CBD in its original dark bottle to protect its composition. Do not empty it into another container.

Factors That Affect the Storage of CBD Oil

Light, high temperatures, and light affect the storage of CBD oil. You should keep your CBD oil away from these three things to promote its stability.

  • High Temperatures: CBD oil should be kept at room temperature. When CBD oil is exposed to hot conditions, cannabinoids and other vital hemp components begin to break down, affecting the product’s formulation. Keep your CBD oil in a cabinet or drawer away from high temperatures.
  • Air: When done measuring CBD oil servings, seal the bottle. CBD can interact with oxygen in the air, a process that causes the oil to degrade. That is why keeping unopened CBD oil bottles in the fridge is better than storing already opened bottles in there. An opened seal may let air and humidity into the bottle if it is not closed properly.
  • Light: Brands package CBD oil in dark bottles (many are brown) for a good reason. CBD oil has sensitive components, and exposure to light can make cannabinoids and other hemp elements to degrade. Avoid direct exposure of CBD oil bottles to sunlight.

How to Store CBD Oil Correctly

Knowing how to store CBD oil properly helps you maintain its potency and lifespan. You should keep the product in a cool, dark place like your cabinet or drawer. Refrigeration is not necessary. As seen earlier, high temperatures and air can affect the stability of CBD oil components, lowering the product’s potency. You already know why you should store CBD oil in dark bottles. That is, if, for any reason, you have to transfer CBD oil to another container. Otherwise, keep the product in its original dark bottle as packed by the manufacturer.

You may refrigerate CBD oil if you live in a hot area or in case you make bulk purchases. However, if you are worried about running out of CBD oil, consider signing up for a subscription plan. That way, you can have a fresh bottle every other month or so instead of stocking up on CBD. Keeping CBD oil in a dark, cool place is an easy way to store the product. Extremely low temperatures can affect CBD oil’s viscosity, making it hard to come out of the bottle.

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How to Know If the CBD Oil Is Still Safe to Use

 Knowing if CBD oil is still safe to use should not be difficult. Here are pointers to help.


Perhaps you opened your CBD oil bottle some time back and are unsure if you should use it. Several factors can help determine if the product is safe to consume. One thing to check is the smell. Unflavored CBD oil has an earthy smell. If you sense a strange smell from the CBD oil, it may have gone bad already. If you bought flavored CBD oil, the scent should not be far from what you smelt the first time you used the product.


You can also use your sense of taste to know if CBD oil is still safe to utilize. CBD oil with natural flavor has an herbaceous, nutty flavor. Flavored CBD oil like mint, vanilla, and citrus should taste as such. A strange, off-putting taste means the product is spoilt and not at all good for consumption.


One more way to tell if CBD oil is still safe to use is the product’s color. When CBD oil gets darker than it was earlier, you should use it soon. We earlier discussed that the oxygen in the air can alter the components in CBD oil. The darker your CBD oil gets, the less potent it becomes. Be on the lookout for any color changes.

That being said, CBD oil has a 1–2-year lifespan, and once a bottle is opened, the product can be used for six months. Your 30ml bottle should be depleted in a month unless you use CBD oil less frequently. The three factors will help you determine if you should still use your CBD oil.

CBD Oil Quality Is Vital

The quality of CBD oil also matters as you use the product. Make sure you settle for premium brands when ordering CBD oil or buying from a local store. High-quality CBD oil contains safe, organic, simple components that do not alter the composition of CBD.

It is also made using the CO2 (carbon dioxide) method, which does not affect the stability of hemp extracts. The best brands take their CBD oils through third-party testing for cannabinoids and impurities checks.

The lab report should be readily available to ensure customers know the ingredients they are ingesting. These aspects will enable you to easily tell part quality CBD oil from poorly made products. Remember, the CBD market is not regulated.

Will Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick?

CBD has an expiry date like other wellness supplements. However, expired CBD oil is unlikely to make you sick. Do not use your CBD oil if you notice a strange smell, repelling flavor, or darker color. Many CBD companies pack CBD oil in 30ml bottles. With a 1ml serving every day, you should use up the amount in a month.

Even with a lower daily dose, the oil should be finished before six months elapse. Moreover, ensure you check the expiry date of the CBD oil you buy the same way you do other products. Use the product within the stipulated period and store it properly.

Closing Thoughts

CBD oil does not need to be refrigerated. Storing it in a dark, cool, dry place like the drawer is enough. CBD oil should be kept away from high temperatures and light. These factors can affect its stability, causing it to degrade. The product has a lifespan of 1-2years, and you can use it for six months after opening. You may refrigerate CBD oil if you live in a hot area or buy CBD oil in bulk. Smell, flavor, and color help determine if you can still use CBD oil.

Avoid using CBD oil if there is a change in color, flavor, or smell. You should also keep in mind the quality of CBD oil during purchase. Go for CBD oil made from organic hemp using the CO2 method. It should also be third-party tested for purity and the lab report made available.


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