What Is Delta-8 THC: Benefits, Side Effects and More?

What is delta-8 THC

The cannabis sativa plant species has a diverse profile, thanks to its many compounds. Delta-8 THC is currently one of the most popular compounds among cannabis enthusiasts. Even though its products are quite rare on the market, it is in high demand. But what exactly is Delta-8 THC? Is it legal to use it, and what are some of its benefits?

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, also popularly known as Delta-8 THC, is a cannabis sativa plant compound with psychoactive properties. It’s the mild isomer of the renowned THC compound (Delta-9 THC) that’s synthesized from CBD.

How Do I Take Delta-8 THC Products?

Delta-8 THC has a versatile profile; hence you can take it in multiple forms. Your product choice depends on what you intend to use the product for and the experience you want. Generally, the most used form of Delta-8 THC is edibles in the form of gummies.

You simply need to take the recommended dosage of CBD gummies and then wait for the desired effect to kick in. Besides, there are also vaping products and tincture oil, among others.

How are Delta-8 Products Made?

Reputable brands in the wellness industry normally use supercritical CO2 extraction. It’s an effective method that provides a safer way of isolating and extracting the cannabinoids from hemp plants. However, the extraction delta-8’s extraction process comes with its unique challenges in general.

For instance, this compound is quite rare; hence it’s in low amounts in hemp plants, unlike CBD and THC. It should be noted that it only accounts for approximately 0.1% of all the compounds found in hemp plants.

To successfully extract it, this compound is normally synthesized from CBD. Well, this is possible because Delta-8 is CBD’s isomer. This is because these two compounds share exact atoms but with different arrangements.

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Clinical trials and consumer reviews indicate that this compound has several beneficial effects on the body. While there is still a need for more research studies, preliminary reports indicate that using it can help to:

  • Promote healthy sleep patterns
  • Inhibit symptoms of nausea and vomiting
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Provide neuroprotective properties
  • Alleviate pain and inflammation

Potential Side Effects of Delta-8 THC

This psychoactive product can result in unwanted side effects, especially if taken in large amounts. Some of the possible side effects of this hemp plant extract include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Hallucinations

Note: the National Poison Control Centers normally receive over a thousand exposure cases of this product annually.

Delta-8 THC

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

This organic hemp extract should be federally legal. Its legality is still up for debate. It’s worth noting that Delta-8 THC was also made legal with the passing and legalization of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. This Act declared that all hemp cannabinoid extracts, derivatives, and isomers are legal if the final product contains less than 0.3% THC content. However, the 2018 Farm Bill’s language has some serious loopholes that leave a lot to question.

There are still many states where the use of this cannabinoid is restricted, and this includes:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • Mississippi
  • Washington

What’s the Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9?

For starters, Delta-9 is the usual THC content that we know. While these two cannabinoids are closely related, they have a few differences. Note that both Delta-8 and 9 come from the cannabis sativa plant. However, delta-8 is found in significantly lower concentrations in cannabis sativa. That’s why most delta-8 THC products, especially gummies, are normally extracted from CBD-rich hemp plants since the concentration is slightly higher.

In terms of structure, delta-9 and delta-8 have different bond placement structures. While they are both known to have double bonds, delta-8 has a double bond on the eight carbons. Meanwhile, delta-9 normally has its bond on the ninth carbon chain. So, the location of the carbon chain is responsible for their name.

What’s the Difference Between Delta-8 and CBD?

There are a few notable differences between these two cannabis sativa compounds. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that can’t alter the way the mind functions. It also has a wide range of health benefits, and that’s why it’s probably used for medicinal purposes.

On the other hand, delta-8 has THC content, even though in lower concentrations. However, it can still change the way the mind function since it has psychoactive properties. When taken in large amounts, it can lead to intoxication, and that’s why it’s mostly used for recreational purposes even though it still has several health benefits.

How Long Does Delta-8 The Stay In The System?

It depends on the mode of delivery as well as the amount of the compound you have consumed. For instance, if you vape a delta-8 THC product, it will only stay in your system for a couple of hours. On the other hand, delta-8 THC gummies can stay in your system for more than 8 hours.

However, early research reports indicate that delta-8 THC has approximately 30 minutes half-life. This means that it can still be detected in your saliva after 1-4 hours. On the other hand, the same compound can be found in the urine after 2-4 weeks, and in hair follicle tests, it can take up to 90 days.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 Products?

Just like CBD, you can buy delta-8 products in dispensaries and states where it’s legal. Besides that, there are various delta-8 retailers with online websites. This is alternatively one of the best places where you can make purchases. Simply do your research, find a product from a brand you like, and then place your order online.


Delta-8 is one of the cannabis compounds that’s increasingly becoming popular among cannabis enthusiasts. This is because it has an almost similar profile to delta-9 THC, which has strong psychoactive properties. However, this compound is found in small amounts of cannabis plants; hence it’s not easy to find its formulations on the market. At the same time, delta-8 THC has several health benefits; it is popularly used for entertainment purposes thanks to its ability to create euphoric effects.



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