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For many people, hearing “Charlotte’s Web” brings back childhood memories of a beloved classic of an extraordinary friendship between a pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte.  It brings feelings of comfort, simple pleasures, and happiness.  Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil can invoke those same feelings of overall well-being with their line of high-quality hemp products.  People use CBD oil for sleep, to lessen feelings of anxiety, or relieve the aches and pains that come with a busy lifestyle.  Charlotte’s Web offers high-quality hemp products to bring balance and well-being to people’s lives.

About Charlotte’s Web

The Stanley Brothers developed Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil products.  These siblings are changing the way people view and use cannabis products.  They started a mission that grew into a company.   In 2011, their lives changed when they met Paige and Charlotte Figi.  Charlotte suffered from Dravet’s Syndrom, a severe form of epilepsy, in which she would endure 300 grand mal seizures a day.  With the Charlotte’s Web products, Charlotte’s seizures decreased while her quality of life increased.   Charlotte’s story spread and gave families hope for easing the suffering of their children through the use of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil.

At Charlotte’s Web, they know that the cannabinoids known as CBD can help the body and the mind.  The Stanley brothers have an extraordinary relationship with the earth and the people who live on it. They oversee every aspect of the growing process, from preparing the soil to planting the hemp seeds to the extracting and the bottling process.  Before the product leaves them, it is tested one last time for heavy metals, potency, residual solvent, pesticides, and microbiological contamination.  They meet and exceed the stringent, FDA-compliant product specifications.

Charlotte’s Web understands that hemp products are a new concept to many people.  Their website contains a section on CBD 101, choosing the right product and what to expect.  The company also has a blog page that informs, engages and entertains the reader.  They are a family and they want their customers to be family too.

CW Products

Charlotte’s Web Product Highlights

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

This is the product that started an industry. Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are designed to promote a sense of calm, help with healthy sleep cycles and soothe muscle inflammation associated with exercise. Charlotte’s Web pours love and care into every bottle of this full-spectrum CBD Oil.

  • Contains CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • Available in Mint Chocolate, Olive Oil, Orange Blossom, and Lemon Twist
  • Comes in 7mg, 17mg, 50mg, and 60mg

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

These edibles are easy to take along with you to fit your active lifestyle.  Charlotte’s Web Gummies combine CBD Oil with nutraceutical botanical blends to give you the wellness and support your body needs.

  • Gummies contain 10mg/serving of full-spectrum USA grown hemp extract
  • Special blends formulated for Sleep, Exercise Recovery, and Calm
  • Flavored with natural fruit-juices

CBD Cream

CBD Cream

Smooth on this luxurious cream to nourish and restore your skin with nature’s finest botanicals.  Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream doesn’t contain praagens or PEGs, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or dyes, or sulfates.  The hemp is non-GMO, grown in the USA.

  • Formulated with aloe vera, coconut oil, oat extract, sea buckthorn oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract, certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • This CBD cream is perfect for sensitive skin
  • 5 oz tube contains 750mg CBD

CBD Balm

Charlotte’s Web Cream

These CBD Balm tins are perfect for those small areas that need a little extra care.  Charlotte’s Web CBD Balms offers nature’s best for your skin and your life.

  • It contains menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, ginger oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract.
  • Perfect for taking along with you wherever you go.
  • 0.5 oz tin contains 150mg of CBD, 1.5 oz tine contains 450mg of CBD.

CBD Cooling Gel

CBD Cooling Gel soothes and cools your skin so you can go wherever life takes you.  This product is free of 8 major allergens and is animal cruelty free and gluten free.  Just a dime sized drop is all you need for major cooling.

  • Contains menthol, arnica, and full-spectrum hemp extract, certified by US Hemp Authority
  • Provides a cooling effect for serious soothing
  • 7 oz pump contains 510mg CBD

CBD Balm Stick

Balm Stick

Perfect for large areas of the body.  Use after you wake up, after your workout, or right before bed.  Charlotte’s Web Balm Stick is designed to target the areas of your body that  need  extra attention.

  • Formulated with menthol, peppermint oil, ginger oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract, certified by US Hemp Authority
  • Massage into those parts of your body that need a little extra care
  • 1.75 oz balm stick contains 525mg CBD

CBD Roll Ons

CBD Roll Ons

These CBD topicals contain essential oils that provide aromatherapy wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  The convenient size makes this product ideal for rolling on the temples, forehead or wrists.

  • Peppermint Roll-on contains peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil and full spectrum hemp extract for those times you need a little pick-me-up
  • Lavender Roll-on contains lavender oil, bergamot oil, chamomile oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract to help bring a little calm to your day.
  • 10 mL bottle contains 100mg of plant-based cannabinoids

CBD isolate

CBD Isoalate

This THC-free Isolate allows you to customize the amount of hemp extract you need each day to bring balance to your life.  Charlotte’s Web CBD Isolate product is extracted by using a proprietary practice that allows the company to isolate CBD from the hemp extract.

  • Contains USA Grown hemp extract, certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • Unflavored
  • 20mg of CBD in 1 mL of Isolate

Calming Chews for Dogs

Calming Chews for Dogs

Dogs get anxious too.  These chews will help soothe canines who are feeling stressed.  Calming Chews help to maintain emotional balance when  anxiety strikes.

Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs

Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs

Just like people, dogs experience joint stiffness as they get older.  Hip & Joint Chews with CBD keeps dogs active by maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue.

Cognition Chews for Dogs

Cognition Chews for Dogs

Dogs’ brains go through changes as they are.  Cognition Chews with CBD is formulated to enhance brain function  and mental alertness.

Where to Buy Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

Customers can order Charlotte’s Web CBD products by calling 1-855-790-8169 or by going to   Charlotte’s Web also sells its products in stores across the United States.  Locate a store by going to “Find a Store” on their website.  Charlotte’s Web offers free shipping on all orders over $74.99.  Be sure to sign up for Charlotte’s Web Love Reward Program and earn points for every dollar spent.  Earn 100 points for $5 in-store credits.  Get 50 points for creating an account and another 50 points for subscribing to the email list.  Charlotte’s Web also has a Veteran’s Program that offers a discount to those who have served in the United States Military.

Customer Reviews

Customers say that Charlotte’s Web is the best CBD Oil.  They talk about the high quality and consistency of the products and the excellent customer service.  Many of Charlotte’s Web customers state that its products are life-changing.  They are free from pain and enjoying better sleep.  Dog owners rave about the CBD products for their furry friends.  Their beloved canine companions have found the energy and mobility they enjoyed during their younger years.

Bottom Line

Charlotte’s Web wants to improve the lives of humankind.  The Stanley brothers also know that if people take care of the earth, then the earth will take care of them.  From ensuring that the soil and water are free from contaminants to the practice of sustainable farming, every step taken is to provide the highest quality hemp extracts with powerful botanical benefits.

Charlotte’s Web is a company that cares.  It cares about the farmers who grow its hemp to the customers who use their products.  They realize that many people are feeling the financial strain due to the economic hardships caused by COVID-19.  They want to ensure that everyone who needs their products can receive them.  That’s why they are donating a million dollars worth of Charlotte’s Web product to those who are struggling financially.

Natalie Morales and the Today Show team were able to go behind the scenes in one of their Colorada greenhouses.  Millions of Americans had the opportunity to see and hear the Stanley brothers speak when Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured them on his CNN Special, Weed 5.  The seven brothers, Joel, Josh, Jesse, J Austin, Jordan, Jon, and Jared, are on a mission to enrich the lives of Americans through the use of CBD.  One brother said it best when he stated, “The highest honor of our life is to know that a solution our hands touched is helping people live better.”



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