Where to Buy CBD Oil in Virginia: Is CBD Legal in VA?

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Virginia CBD laws can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to marijuana-derived CBD. However, that doesn’t mean that residents can’t access CBD oil in Virginia. There are many places where you can find CBD oil in the state.

This article will help you understand the regulations surrounding CBD in Virginia. You’ll learn the differences between marijuana and hemp CBD. Also, we’ll provide a list of recommended CBD retailers in the state and a buying guideline.

Is CBD Oil Available in Virginia?

Yes, CBD oil products are available and easy to access in Virginia. There’s a high chance you live close to a CBD store or dispensary. If you don’t want to visit a local store, you can buy CBD oil online. Luckily, most CBD companies deliver to all 50 states in the U.S.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Virginia?

There are plenty of places to purchase CBD oil in Virginia, from health outlets to pharmacies. Are you interested in where to buy CBD oil locally in West Virginia or other parts? Your best bet is a dispensary or vape store. Also, you can look at local CBD stores and health stores close to you.

Reasons to Buy CBD Online

If you’re interested in how to get CBD oil in Virginia conveniently, then opt for an online purchase. It’s the best way to find a quality product. Moreover, you also get to save money and time. Online CBD stores sell these products for less compared to local stores. Also, you can enjoy discounts, best deals, and package deals, which you won’t get locally.

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In addition, you will find a variety of CBD products in an online store. Currently, you can see products like CBD tinctures, vape juices, gummies, lotions, and balms. Some companies also have a line for pets. You can get pet CBD oils and treats.

Most importantly, when you buy online, you’re getting from CBD specialists or directly from the company’s website. They’ll have all your questions answered if you have any. And can direct you to the perfect CBD product for your needs.

Local CBD Retailers in Virginia

There are many recommended CBD retailers in this state. Anyone who wants to purchase CBD oil in Virginia locally has multiple options. You can find CBD products at dispensaries and vape shops. However, these products may be more expensive in these places than online. If you don’t find a dispensary close to you, below are some of the local retailers you can always check out.


  • Blue Money Vapes
  • Freedom VAperz
  • Density Vapor
  • VA Vape Shop
  • Pioneer Vapes
  • Happy Daze

Virginia Beach

  • AVAIL Vapor Virginia Beach
  • Master Vapor
  • Hemp House Wellness: A CBD Boutique
  • Pitbull Tobacco & More
  • Vapor Chasers


  • Allusive Cloud Factory
  • Diversity Vapes & CBD
  • AVAIL Vapor
  • The Vault Norfolk
  • The Hemp Spectrum
  • Vape Xotix


  • RVA Vapes
  • Driply Vape Store & Lounge
  • Current Vapor Co.
  • Kulture Vape & Smoke VCU
  • Bob Marley Tobacco
  • Your CBD Store

Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

Before you buy that CBD oil, let’s talk about the legality of hemp. Is CBD oil legal in Virginia? The short answer is Yes. CBD oil is legal in Virginia. So, you can freely buy CBD products in the state. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD products in the United States. It removed industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances. Therefore, farmers can now cultivate this plant for different purposes, including making CBD products.

Keep in mind that the bill only legalized hemp-derived CBD oil in Virginia and other states. This type of CBD contains 0.3% THC or less. And it’s different from marijuana-derived CBD.

Virginia CBD Laws

Right now, hemp-derived CBD products are legal in Virginia. So, the law permits you to sell and purchase these types of CBD. Virginia legalized marijuana in 2021 through SB 1406. This state is the first southern state to pass the bill.

This bill legalizes marijuana for people aged 21 and above. However, you must note that it’s not in effect yet. The provisions to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana begin in 2024. Further, Virginia allows access to medical marijuana for residents with severe health conditions. Also, you must have gone through at least two conventional treatments with no results. Only then are you eligible to receive a marijuana recommendation from a doctor?

There are other restrictions as well. For instance, the marijuana-derived CBD oil must have a minimum of 15% CBD and no more than 5% THC.

How to Find Quality CBD Oil Products in Virginia?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate the CBD industry as a supplement. So, it’s easy to fall prey to fake companies. Also, you need quality CBD oil to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Below is a guideline on how to get CBD oil in Virginia from a reputable brand.

  • Look for Third-party Test results: If you want quality CBD oil in Virginia, always look for evidence of independent lab tests. These third-party lab reports show that the product is free from solvents and toxic chemicals. It also reveals if the content of the product is the same as what the company advertises.
  • Avoid companies that Make outrageous claims: A CBD product will help you manage your symptoms. But, will it cure cancer and heart problems? Studies haven’t verified that yet. CBD is not a miracle cure for your diseases. Avoid companies that promote it as such.
  • Check for the THC content: The level of THC in a CBD product doesn’t signify if it’s high-quality or not. However, you need to be aware of the THC content to protect yourself. Per the government regulations, the allowed amount of THC in hemp-derived CBD products is 0.3% or less.
  • CO2 extraction: Choose products extracted using the CO2 extraction method. This technique is arguable the best because it’s safer and yields consistent extracts.

Final Thoughts

You have an endless list of brands and products to choose from if you’re in Virginia. You can buy CBD oil in Virginia from a local near you. However, you may end up paying more for the product.

For the best prices, place your order online. Buying from an online store is better if you want to get a quality CBD product conveniently. Regardless of where you buy from, always choose a reputable CBD brand that provides third-party test reports.



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