CBD Oil in Oklahoma: Legality & Where to Buy

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CBD products are available in different places, from pharmacies to dispensaries, gas stations, and online stores. It always seems like we have a CBD-infused version of every product on the market. Although CBD is legal federally in the United States, each state may have its own laws regarding the use of cannabidiol. So, before you begin looking for CBD oil in Oklahoma, you need to learn about its legality in the state.

Let’s find out the laws around hemp and marijuana CBD oil in Oklahoma. Also, you’ll learn how to make an informed decision when purchasing your CBD. The popularity of CBD gave rise to a booming market. There are hundreds of brands to choose from, and this guide will help you get started.

CBD Oil in Oklahoma: Things You Should Know

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is of the many compounds naturally present in hemp. This compound doesn’t have an undesired psychoactive effect, so it will not get you high. However, studies show that CBD has numerous potential health benefits. It’s no surprise that the CBD oil market is increasing rapidly in the United States and other places.

We have more retailers popping up across different states in the country. Oklahoma is not left out. You can easily get CBD oil in Oklahoma because it’s one of the states with an abundance of local retailers. Thanks to the popularity of CBD, there is no shortage of CBD stores.

You can also buy your products through an online store and have the company deliver them to your door.

Before you begin your search for the best CBD oil brands in Oklahoma, you should learn the basics about the laws surrounding cannabidiol in the state.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

About CBD legality, is CBD oil legal in Oklahoma? The answer to this question depends on the source of your CBD oil.

As you may know, manufacturers can extract CBD from marijuana and hemp. They are both a part of the cannabis Sativa family. But these cannabis plants contain different cannabinoid profiles.

The hemp plant has high levels of CBD and only trace amounts of THC. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabis compound that can make a user high. Hemp has only 0.3 percent or less THC. Therefore, hemp-derived CBD cannot cause a psychoactive buzz when you use it.

On the other hand, marijuana has a high amount of THC. CBD products that come from marijuana can make the consumer intoxicated. As you may presume, different regulations control hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD oil in Oklahoma.

Hemp CBD Oil is Legal in Oklahoma

So, are CBD oils from hemp legal in Oklahoma? According to the 2018 Farm Bill signed by President Trump, industrial hemp is legal on a federal level in the United States. Therefore, the use of hemp-based products, such as CBD oil, is permitted in all 50 states, except the state laws say otherwise.

Thankfully, Oklahoma has no legislation regulating hemp and hemp-based products. It’s perfectly legal for citizens to buy and use hemp CBD oil in Oklahoma. Besides, buying hemp-derived CBD in the state is easy. If you prefer to take a walk, there are various stores you can visit for CBD-infused products. We’ll talk more about that later in this guide. Since hemp CBD oil is legal in Oklahoma, what about marijuana CBD oil products?

Marijuana CBD Oil isn’t Legal in Oklahoma

Currently, marijuana CBD oil isn’t legal in Oklahoma for recreational use. The state considers it a misdemeanor if you are found with marijuana. And there’s a fine of $1000 and up to a year in jail.

In addition, selling or giving away marijuana is a felony. The crime carries anywhere around two years to life in jail. The fine ranges from $20,000 to $500,000 and depend on how much CBD the individual possesses. You cannot buy marijuana CBD oil in Oklahoma for recreational purposes.

Is Marijuana Legal in Oklahoma?

At the moment, marijuana is legal in Oklahoma only for medicinal purposes. The use of marijuana for recreational reasons is illegal. There are harsh penalties for anyone caught possessing it. The penalty depends on the type and how much they catch you with.

As we said earlier, the state considers the possession of marijuana a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to a year in jail. There’s an attached fine of $1000. Furthermore, it’s a felony to possess marijuana within 1000 feet of a public park, school, university, or a child below 12 years. The punishment is double the standard punishment. Also, the person must serve fifty percent of their sentence.

You can agree that there are harsh penalties for anyone caught with marijuana. So, you don’t want to be caught using marijuana CBD oil in Oklahoma. Also, the state will have your driver’s license suspended for marijuana convictions of any kind.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Oklahoma

If you are interested in where to buy CBD oil in Oklahoma, know that many places offer a good selection of hemp-derived products. Given the rise in the popularity of CBD for health and wellness, finding where to buy CBD has never been easier in the state. You could get your CBD product online or visit a local CBD store in your city. However, it might be more convenient to buy from a brand online and have it delivered to you.

CBD Leves and CBD Oil Bottle

Online Shops

Talking about online shops, buying CBD online is quick and convenient. You get access to different types of manufacturers and suppliers offering a wide range of products. In addition, online retailers often offer valuable deals and various price slashes, making online shopping more attractive.

Besides, you won’t get into any legal trouble when you shop for CBD products online. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, anyone can buy hemp-based products across the United States and have them delivered from anywhere.

Local Stores

You can purchase CBD oil in Oklahoma over the counter at various places. Some of these places include head shops, convenience stores, organic health shops, wellness centers, vape stores, and local CBD retailers.

Keep in mind that only patients with medical marijuana cards can buy marijuana CBD products in Oklahoma. Also, they can get these products only from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Hemp-derived CBD, on the other hand, is available at different local stores. You do not need a prescription or a medical card to buy them.

Local CBD Retailers in Oklahoma

Buying CBD oil in Oklahoma is not much of a hassle. The state has several locations where you can find high-quality CBD products. There are many CBD stores and vape shops offering CBD, not only in the state’s biggest cities.

If you want to buy hemp-derived CBD products in the state, you can consider one of the following local retailers.

Oklahoma City

  • CBD Wellness of Oklahoma
  • CBD Plus USA
  • The CBD Store OKC
  • Herban Mother
  • UP-N-Smoke
  • Buddy’s CBD Wellness
  • Rick & Bunni’s Smokeshop
  • LK CBD Oils and Edibles
  • Vape For The Win
  • Vapor Haven & CBD Oil
  • Artisan Botanicals CBD and Kratom


  • OKC Vapes
  • CBD Infuzon
  • Trichomes
  • CBD Plus USA
  • Edmond American Shaman
  • Edmond Vapes


  • OKC Vapes, Norman
  • No Rhyme or Reason Kratom Shoppe & CBD
  • Quick Stop Vapor Shop
  • CBD Plus USA
  • Velocity Vapor
  • 13 Vapor Co
  • Natural Native CBD Company


  • CBD Plus Tulsa
  • Evolution
  • Starship
  • FeelGood CBD Wellness Emporium
  • Tulsa American Shaman
  • Santaria Smoke Shop
  • Burn Culture Vape & CBD
  • Vapor Extreme
  • ecoSmoke
  • Vape This Tulsa
  • 51ST and Yale CBD American Shaman

CBD Oil in Oklahoma: Online Shops vs Local Stores

The choice between shopping for CBD oil locally or through an online store boil down to your preference. Some people find it fulfilling when they visit a store, examine the product, and have a one-on-one conversation with the store owner. If you decide to get CBD oil in Oklahoma from a local store, make sure you thoroughly vet the brand and product. Also, the store employees should be able to answer any questions you have.

If visiting a local retailer is not convenient, you can always make your purchases online. The recommended option if you want the best CBD brands in Oklahoma is to search online. Many reputable brands are delivering CBD products straight to the customer’s door.

Also, online shopping gives you access to different forms of products from countless brands. Most importantly, making purchases online saves you money. Online retailers can give customers special discounts, loyalty programs, and coupon codes to make the products more affordable.

Whether you decide to buy your CBD oil online or locally, the most important thing is to find a trustworthy supplier. A good rule of thumb is to research the brand. Choose only third-party tested products from reputable CBD companies.

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil in Oklahoma

When looking for the best CBD oil in Oklahoma, some steps can help you weed out fake products. The CBD market is becoming increasingly popular. That means more and more companies are entering the industry. It can be overwhelming to find quality CBD products if you don’t know what to look for when buying. Below are a few factors you should consider before buying CBD products.

Hemp Source: Hemp plants are known bioaccumulators. They absorb everything from the soil, so it’s essential you choose companies that use organic hemp. Organically-grown hemp plants provide clean and rich CBD. Look for brands that source hemp plants free of pesticides, herbicides, and dangerous chemicals. Generally, you’ll find information on the company’s hemp source by reading its website.

Extraction Method: There are different methods of extracting CBD oil from hemp. The best way of obtaining CBD oil is C02 extraction. This process doesn’t involve solvents or additional heat. It’s considered the leading extraction technique as it yields potent CBD with high purity levels. CO2 extraction is expensive, so it’s a good feature and shows the company is dedicated to quality.

Third-party Lab Testing: If you want the best CBD oil in Oklahoma, you should only buy certified, lab-tested products. Look for companies that take their products to independent labs to test for purity, safety, and potency. The CBD industry, as we all know, is highly unregulated. So, it’s easy to fall into the hands of shady companies trying to take advantage of uninformed customers. Some CBD products are low-quality and contain solvents and other toxic chemicals. However, you can ensure your product is safe by choosing those that come with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent lab.

Brand Reputation: We have many companies in the CBD industry today. Unfortunately, not all of these brands make genuine CBD. One way to choose quality CBD oil in Oklahoma is to seek reputable brands with a high number of positive feedback. Also, they should be transparent about their manufacturing processes, hemp sources, and ingredients. Additionally, you want to avoid companies that make unrealistic health claims about their products. CBD may help improve your health and wellness. But, it’s a red flag when a brand claims its product can cure all types of diseases.

Closing Thoughts

Oklahoma may not have the friendliest laws for recreational marijuana, but hemp CBD oil is legal. Following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and hemp-based products became easily available in the United States. You can get all forms of hemp CBD oil, containing very low THC in different retail stores.

It’s pretty easy to buy CBD oil in Oklahoma because the state has tons of CBD shops in various cities. However, you can still shop for CBD oil online if you don’t want to leave your home. Purchasing CBD products online has several benefits. For instance, you can benefit from the company’s bulk deals, attractive discounts, and doorstep delivery. When buying CBD oil, we always recommend taking some time to research and find a reputable brand that offers lab-tested products.


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