Where to Buy CBD Oil in Los Angeles: Is CBD Legal in LA?


Of all the states in the U.S. California has always been one of the most welcoming to cannabis users. Los Angeles, its largest city, is the hub of cannabis culture and overflows with dispensaries. Here, we’ll look at how you can get CBD oil in Los Angeles and hemp oil laws in the state.

In Los Angeles, cannabis stores pop up every other day. We have more people showing interest in the beneficial effects of this plant. CBD products are no exception, as there are multiple CBD stores in LA. It can get overwhelming sometimes trying to choose the best quality product.

Read on to learn the steps to choosing a quality CBD product in Los Angeles.

Is CBD Oil Available in Los Angeles?

LA has you covered if you want to get premium CBD oil products. This city has some of the best CBD stores in California. Also, California has hemp laws that allow you to buy CBD oil in Los Angeles easily. We’ll talk more about legality later in this article. Whether you want to buy CBD from an online store or shop locally, you can do all that in LA.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Los Angeles?

There are multiple places where to buy CBD oil in Los Angeles locally. LA has different medical dispensaries for its residents. There is always a CBD store staring at you everywhere you go in this city. You can check some comparison websites and see the top-rated dispensaries and CBD retailers near you. We have already researched and selected local retailers that sell some of the best CBD oil in Los Angeles.

Local CBD Retailers in Los Angeles

Below are some of the top-rated CBD retailers for anyone who wants to buy CBD oil in Los Angeles. So, if you find any store close to you, you can always check it out.

Medical Dispensaries in Los Angeles:

  • Exhale Med Center
  • Organic Medirex Consultations
  • Downtown Buyers Club Dispensary
  • Hollyweed Dispensary
  • Wonderland Marijuana Dispensary Recreational

Stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice:

  • Rose Collective
  • Barc Collective
  • Westside organic delivery

Stores in West Hollywood:

  • Teagardins
  • Beverly vapes

Stores in Woodland Hills:

  • The Healing Touch
  • Clinick caregivers

Is CBD Oil Legal in Los Angeles?

The laws and regulations surrounding the use of cannabis can be confusing sometimes. But in Los Angeles, CBD oil is legal. There are many places where to find CBD oil without a medical card in Los Angeles. Since 2016, it’s been legal to use cannabis for recreational reasons in LA. And in 2018, the state of California legalized its sales.


So, you can buy and use CBD oil in Los Angeles both for medical and recreational purposes. As you probably know, CBD products can be from hemp or marijuana-derived. Hemp-derived CBD oil contains only low amounts of THC, the cannabis compound known for its intoxicating effects. The THC in a hemp CBD product is no more than 0.3%. Therefore, it won’t get you high.

Hemp CBD is less regulated than other markets in the cannabis industry. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of hemp-derived CBD products federally in the U.S. That said, Los Angeles also allows CBD oil from marijuana. However, you must be at least 21 years and have acceptable proof of identity. Also, you can only get these products from state-licensed dispensaries.

How to Find Quality CBD Oil Products in Los Angeles?

Many brands and products are entering the CBD industry. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay informed on how to choose quality products. You need to be able to differentiate substandard CBD oil from high-quality one.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the best CBD oil in Los Angeles:

  • Look for Third-party reports: One of the most important factors that will help you select a quality CBD product is third-party results. Only choose CBD companies that provide independent lab reports for every batch of products. These lab tests check for potency, purity, and safety of the product. Avoid companies that don’t give customers access to third-party lab test results.
  • Source of hemp: Most CBD oil in Los Angeles and the U.S come from hemp plants. So, you have to check the origin of the hemp plant, as it determines the quality of the product. Choose brands that use U.S-grown, organic hemp plants. The U.S. has robust hemp programs that regulate how farmers grow their hemp. However, hemp from overseas may not be subject to any testing.
  • Read the labels: You don’t want to buy CBD from companies that have vague labeling on their packages. The CBD oil should have clear labeling with essential information about the product, such as the amount of CBD and ingredients.
  • Extraction method: Manufacturers use several methods to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. The best method so far is the C02 extraction technique. With this method, you rest assured that the CBD product will be free of any solvents.
  • Avoid companies that make sweeping health claims: The FDA allows health claims only for prescription drugs. And any company that makes outrageous claims like the ability to cure cancer is one you want to avoid by all means.

Final Thoughts

California is a progressive state in the U.S. It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is home to different CBD stores. CBD oil products are available in dispensaries and many retail stores. In this city, it’s legal to use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Also, there are no limits on the possession of CBD products. But, keep in mind that the CBD industry is still highly unregulated. For that reason, always conduct your research and choose CBD products only from reputable companies.



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