Where to Buy CBD Oil in Illinois: Is CBD Legal in IL?

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If you live in Illinois, you have access to local dispensaries from where you can get CBD. Most persons love to get CBD online because of convenience, the best deals, and the discounts companies offer on their websites. You can also visit local stores to get CBD oil in Illinois. But, keep in mind that the product may cost more.

Here, we’ll look at local CBD retailers in the state of Illinois. You’ll also learn about the law guiding the possession and use of CBD in this state. In addition, we’ll share a guide to buying high-quality CBD products.

Is CBD Oil Available in Illinois?

Yes, CBD oil is available in Illinois. Over the last couple of years, CBD products have spiked in popularity in this state. You may be wondering, where can I buy CBD oil in Illinois? You have two options: from a local store near you or online. There may be local CBD stores in your city. But keep in mind that these stores sell products with different quality standards.

Shopping for CBD oil online is convenient and gives you access to a wider variety of products. Plus, you can go through customer reviews to see how a company is perceived before buying from them. It’s always important to do a background check before giving any brand your money.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Illinois?

Ever thought about where to get CBD oil in Illinois locally? The best place to buy CBD locally in the state is from dispensaries. But, you can also get it from other places, like organic health outlets, vape stores, pharmacies, and head shops.

Local CBD Retailers in Illinois

We’ve made a list of the best dispensaries in Illinois and other recommended stores that sell CBD products.

Check if you can find a retailer near you:


  • Elixrz Vape Shop
  • Happy Daze
  • Midwest Compassion Center Cannabis Dispensary
  • PharmaCannis – North Aurora
  • Uncle Stu’s Smoke & Vape


  • CBD Kratom
  • Dispensary 33
  • Level Vape
  • MOCA – Modern Cannabis Dispensary
  • Roots Smoke & Vapor Shop
  • Secrets Smoke Shop


  • 3C Dispensary
  • Midwest Compassion Center
  • MI Vape
  • SkyCity Vapes

The above CBD retailers have a good selection of CBD oil in Illinois. But, if you don’t find any product that suits your needs, your next best option is to search online. You can look up Pure CBD oil near me and see what you find.


Is CBD Oil Legal in Illinois?

Now you know some recommended retailers and where to buy CBD oil in the state. But, is CBD oil legal in Illinois? Yes, CBD products are legal in Illinois. Even without a medical marijuana license, you can buy hemp-derived CBD products. These products are available in offline and online stores.

The 2018 Farm Bill, in December 2018, made the cultivation of hemp plants legal federally in the United States. Before the Farm Bill, the state passed the Industrial Hemp Act in August 2018. This lifted any restrictions on industrial hemp.

So, both the 2018 Farm Bill and the Industrial Hemp Act make hemp-derived CBD products legal. That said, Illinois has strict labeling requirements every CBD product must follow. There are differences between hemp and marijuana-derived CBD. The primary difference is that hemp-based CBD oil products contain low amounts of THC – less than 0.3%. And this level of THC is not enough to get the user high.

Furthermore, marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois. In 2019, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. But, you must be 21 or above, and some restrictions still exist. For instance, you must not smoke in public spaces like bars and clubs. You can also use medical marijuana for certain health conditions. However, you must buy them only from licensed dispensaries in the state.

How to Find Quality CBD Oil Products in Illinois?

The CBD industry is very much unregulated. So, it’s not difficult to find companies that sell CBD products with less CBD than what they advertise. Also, some of these products may have unwanted contaminants that are toxic to health. We have several CBD providers on the market. If you’re looking to buy CBD, it’s best to educate yourself.

Below are a few steps to help you find quality CBD oil in Illinois:

  • Choose Third-party tested products: If you want top-quality CBD oil in Illinois, always look for third-party test reports. The company should have the results from an independent laboratory on its website. If they don’t, they should at least provide them when you request. The third-party test results help you verify the product is free from harmful toxins and contaminants. Also, it shows you the content of the product in terms of its cannabinoid profile and concentration.
  • Avoid companies that make outrageous claims: CBD is an amazing health supplement, but it’s definitely not a miracle substance. Any company making unproven health claims about their CBD product is one you should avoid. They are probably selling inferior products and taking advantage of people’s ignorance.
  • Select Full-Spectrum CBD: It is okay to choose other forms of CBD products, like isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. These types of CBD are great and have their benefits too. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the whole hemp plant, go for full-spectrum. This type of CBD contains other plant compounds like flavonoids and terpenes.

Final Thoughts

Illinois is one of the few states with better laws regarding CBD and cannabis in the United States. The state has friendly regulations for any CBD enthusiast. You can shop for CBD products online. But if you want to buy locally, your best chance of finding a premium product is through a dispensary. Also, always make sure it’s third-party tested before you buy. Numerous brands are selling untested and contaminated products in the state.



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