Where to Buy CBD Oil in California: Is CBD Legal in CA?


You’re lucky if you are a CBD enthusiast and live in California. California is one of the states with progressive laws when it comes to the use of CBD and cannabis in general. You can access CBD Oil in California from both online and offline stores. There are many options available to you if you live in this state.

In this article, we’ll look at CBD’s legal status. Plus, you’ll learn about different places where you can buy CBD products in California, including recommended local retailers. Also, because CBD is rampant, it can be hard to find a trustworthy brand. To help you choose high-quality CBD oil, we will share some buying guidelines.

Is CBD Oil Available in California?

CBD oil products are available in California. Ever wondered: where can I buy CBD oil in California? If you don’t want to shop online, there are different local stores where you can buy CBD oil in California. However, there are more perks when you buy online. For example, you have access to a wide variety of product offerings. Also, there are different discounts and deals available to customers who purchase from online stores.

Where to buy CBD oil online in California? Many top brands will deliver CBD to your doorstep. Always read customer reviews and research the brand before you buy.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in California?

California has numerous local stores and dispensaries where you can buy CBD products. So, if you’ve ever thought about where to get CBD oil in California, you have many options. You may find CBD oil locally in dispensaries, vape stores, head shops, and retail outlets.

Local CBD Retailers in California:

Here are some recommended local CBD retailers in California.

Los Angeles

  • CBD American Shaman Silver Lake
  • Downtown Buyers Club Dispensary
  • Exhale Med Center
  • Hollyweed Dispensary
  • Wonderland Marijuana Dispensary Recreational


  • Bloomin’ Best Buds
  • CBD Store
  • Riverside Vape & CBD Store
  • One-Up Clinic
  • The CBD Wholesale Center


  • Cloud Legends 420
  • Fresno Hemp Co LLC
  • Tiny Weed


  • Barbary Coast Dispensary
  • Bloom Room
  • Grass Roots Dispensary
  • Harvest off Mission
  • The Apothecarium

San Diego:

  • Apothekare Medical & Recreational Dispensary of San Diego
  • Goldn Bloom
  • San Diego Recreational Cannabis
  • Torrey Holistics
  • URBN Leaf Dispensary


  • All About Wellness
  • Lemonnade
  • Northstar Holistic Collective
  • Perfect Union
  • Vibe by California

San Jose:

  • Airfield Supply Co.
  • Caliva CBD Store
  • Canna Culture Collective
  • Haze Dispensary
  • MedMen San Jose
  • Urbn Leaf

Is CBD Oil Legal in California?

You may be wondering: is CBD oil legal in California? The answer is yes. CBD products are completely legal in California. In 2017, the state passed the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act, also called SB 566. This act permits the commercial production of industrial hemp.


Moreover, the US government passed the Farm Bill, which made hemp an agricultural commodity in 2018. This bill legalized CBD derived from industrial hemp on a federal level. So, is CBD legal in all states? Federally, CBD is legal as long as it comes from hemp.

You can get CBD both from marijuana and hemp plants. However, only those that are hemp-derived and contain no more than 0.3%THC are legal. Note that different states may have different CBD laws. Today, it’s legal to buy, sell, and make CBD oil in California. California aligns its CBD laws with that of the federal government.

Furthermore, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) requires clear labeling regulations. So, CBD companies must include all the necessary information regarding a product’s ingredients and CBD and THC content. Also, they must not make unproven health claims.

How to Find Quality CBD Oil Products in California?

You can buy CBD oil in California from many places. However, it’s generally best to shop online to save time. Also, you have access to a wide range of products and can save money with the best deals. As CBD becomes more popular, we also see a rise in the number of CBD companies.

Some of these companies produce substandard products. Sometimes, the product contains more or less of what the brand advertises. Below are a few tips on how to get CBD oil in California if you want top-quality products.

  • Avoid brands that make overblown health claims: Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guideline, companies must not promote CBD for the treatment of health conditions. When a company makes unproven health claims, that’s a red flag. Although CBD is a great health product, it doesn’t replace a doctor’s prescription.
  • Third-party reports: Always buy from companies that take their products for third-party lab tests. The report from the independent lab should show that the products are free from toxins and heavy metals. Also, it will help you verify that the product contains the amount of CBD stated on the product’s label. A third-party lab report is typically available on the brand’s website. Otherwise, contact the company and ask for it.
  • Extraction method: Manufacturers use different methods to extract CBD from the hemp plant. In the industry, the leading technique is CO2 extraction. This method ensures there are no solvents in the end product. Also, compared to other extraction methods, it’s more consistent.

Final Thoughts

Historically, California is a leading state when it comes to cannabis. Today, people can use cannabis in California legally for medical and recreational purposes. That also means CBD products will be widely available and at your disposal in this state.

When buying CBD oil in California, ensure the product is hemp-based and contains no more than 0.3% THC. Also, always choose a CBD brand carefully. Make sure the brand provides an up-to-date third-party report on the CBD product. Read reviews as well, and patronize trusted companies in the industry.



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