CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much Should I Give My Dog?

CBD Dosage for Dogs

All responsible dog owners want to have healthy pets. While prescription medications are good, there are sometimes very expensive. Additionally, they have many side effects and could easily result in independence. That’s why some pet owners prefer alternative organic sources of medicine such as CBD.

CBD is an organic compound that has a wide range of health properties. Even though it’s federally legal, it’s not been approved by the FDA, which means that it doesn’t have a universal dosage recommendation. However, you can still find the right CBD dosage for your dog.

Factors that Determine CBD Dosage

Different CBD companies have CBD dosage guidelines. Besides that, each dog has unique needs; hence there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for CBD dosage. Some of the factors that influence. CBD dosage for dogs include:

  1. Weight
  2. The Severity of the Medical Condition
  3. Underlying Health Conditions
  4. Level of Activity
  • Weight

It’s the most used criteria in determining the proper CBD dosage. It’s assumed that the bigger the dog’s weight, the higher the amount of CBD required, and the vice-versa is also true.

  • The Severity of the Medical Condition

Apart from weight, your dog’s severity of the medical condition also plays an influential role. You can still your healthy dog CBD to enhance its overall wellness but in a lower range. Dogs with severe medical conditions such as arthritis need higher CBD doses to alleviate pain effectively.

  • Underlying Health Conditions

Health issues such as kidney or liver problems can interfere with the metabolism of CBD. On the other hand, CBD compounds can also hinder the effectiveness of some medications that are normally processed in the liver. So, if your pet has health issues, make sure that you consult with your vet first before administering CBD.

  • Level of Activity

The level of activity can accelerate how your dog can metabolize CBD. While CBD compound can stay in the dog’s system for up to 8 hours, the more active a dog is, the faster the metabolism of the CBD compound. Energetic dogs have a faster metabolism, and this means that they process CBD faster than their less active counterparts.

Table 1.0 CBD Dosage for Dogs Weight Chart

Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
Up to 10 pounds 1 mg 3 mg 5 mg
Up to 20 pounds 2 mg 6 mg 10 mg
Up to 30 pounds 3 mg 9 mg 15 mg
Up to 40 pounds 4 mg 12 mg 20 mg
Up to 50 pounds 5 mg 15 mg 25 mg
Up to 60 pounds 6 mg 18 mg 30 mg
Up to 70 pounds 7 mg 21 mg 35 mg
Up to 80 pounds 8 mg 24 mg 40 mg
Up to 90 pounds 9 mg 27 mg 45 mg
Up to 100 pounds 10 mg 30 mg 50 mg

Generally, its recommended that you give your dog 1-5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds.Dosage of cbd for dogs

How to Figure the Right CBD Dosage for Your Dog

Even while using the above chart, it’s not easy for some pet owners to choose the right CBD dosage for their dogs. To make things easier for you, here is a detailed explanation. But remember that you should always start with a significantly lower dosage, maybe 1 mg. from here, you can gradually work your way up until you find the optimal dosage without wasting too much CBD oil in the process.

Small Dogs (2-15 pounds)

These are extra small dogs; hence they need the least amount of CBD. But don’t be fooled by this because they have super-fast metabolism. As a result, you have to increase the frequency of CBD administration.

So, you need to administer 3-4 doses every day, unlike 1-2 doses with larger dogs. It should be noted that behavioral health issues such as anxiety need the least dosage. Meanwhile, if your dog is suffering from chronic pain, starting with a 1 mg dose won’t be enough.

Medium-Small Dogs (15-30 pounds)

It’s good to start with a 2 mg- 3mg dosage, and this amount is still suitable for treating pain and arthritis. However, you can lower the dosage for psychological conditions and appetite issues. It should be noted that the maximum CBD dosage for dogs in this weight group is 20 mg daily.

Medium-Large Dogs (30-60 pounds)

Larger dogs need more CBD to experience desired health benefits. The introductory dosage should be around 3-6 mg. however, behavioral conditions such as panic attacks and anxiety or poor appetite need a smaller initial dose, like 1-2 mg daily.

Large Dogs (60 -15o pounds)

Larger dogs need more dosage, but you should start with the same dosage recommendations as medium-large dogs. To find the right dosage, slowly increase the amount by 3 mg.

Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Cannabidiol is a potent plant-based compound that has lots of beneficial properties. You can use it to treat mental health issues and physical health problems. Common benefits of CBD for dogs include:

  • GI support: CBD can help ease nausea and digestive issues in dogs. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe digestive inflammation.
  • Mood regulation: Dogs that experience restlessness and anxiety can be difficult to manage, especially when you are apart from them. CBD has relaxing therapeutic effects that can promote a sense of relaxation and calmness.
  • Joint support: The anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for joint support, especially in old dogs suffering from depression. CBD’s continual use can help to enhance mobility and reduce the signs of arthritis.
  • Brain support: CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to improve brain function, including memory.

Signs Your Dog Might Benefit

If you suspect your dog is a suitable candidate for CBD treatment, the first thing you should do is to talk to your veterinary officer. Additionally, you can analyze other aspects such as:

  • Change in behavior: your dog is more lethargic, aggressive, or antisocial, then it could be experiencing environmental-related stress and could benefit from CBD.
  • Mood issues: If you notice that your dog is becoming more agitated or chews items, especially when you are leaving, it’s probably experiencing circumstantial stress. CBD can help them calm down and reduce the agitated response
  • Mobility issues: Is your dog experiencing mobility challenges due to underlying health issues or injury? CBD has a soothing effect, so your dog might be the right candidate
  • Nausea: This could signify that your dog has gastric issues, and CBD can help reduce gastric inflammation.

CBD Effects In Dogs

CBD is a well-tolerated organic compound. However, dogs react differently to it, so this doesn’t mean that your pet won’t experience any side effects. Some of the most common side effects of CBD in dogs include:

  • Change in appetite
  • Weight changes
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in sleep patterns

Where to Buy CBD for Dogs

You can buy CBD for dogs from any reputable manufacturer’s website. Brands that sell CBD for human consumption are more likely to have CBD products for pets as well. Just make sure that you do due diligence to get a safe and high-quality product.

The Bottom Line

Dosing CBD oil can be confusing. While manufacturers usually offer dosage recommendations, factors such as the severity of your dog’s health condition and weight determine dosage. It is important to always start with the lowest dosage possible and gradually increase the amount. This helps to ensure that less CBD is wasted in the process.

Besides that, it helps minimize the chances of overdosing, resulting in unwanted side effects. It’s important to watch how your dog responds to CBD because this will help you customize the right dosage. Lastly, if your dog has an underlying health problem, speak to your vet first before giving it CBD.



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