CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil: Which Is Better?

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil

One of the reasons people love CBD products is their versatility. You can find CBD in many forms, including oil tinctures and capsules. Each of these forms has its pros and cons. As a result, the selection process can be challenging during shopping. Everyone wants to experience the optimal benefits of CBD. So, when comparing CBD capsules vs oil, which one is the better alternative? To help you choose a product that suits your needs, here is a breakdown of their differences.

What is CBD Oil?

It’s a liquid product that’s made by mixing CBD extract from the cannabis plant with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The manufacturing process usually involves separating CBD from other compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant. This will result in the formation of CBD isolate. In some instances, CBD oil can contain other compounds such as terpenes, phytocannabinoids, or THC. This usually results in the formation of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil.CBD Oil

What is CBD Capsule?

It’s a tablet or a pill for oral intake and infused with CBD oil. CBD capsules are flavorless and tasteless. Besides that, they usually come in pre-dosed forming. While they are quick to dose and easier to take, they generally have a slower release absorption.CBD-Capsules

CBD Capsules vs Oil: Which Is Better?

To determine the best between these two forms of CBD products, it’s important to look for factors such as:

Flavor and Potency

Capsules: CBD capsules are tasteless and flavorless. This feature is important since you can take them without worrying about the smell of hemp. Besides that, these products come in pre-dosed format. As a result, you don’t need to measure every CBD serving.

Oil: While CBD oil products are available in many strength options, finding the right dose per serving isn’t easy. You need to make estimates every time you take CBD oil. However, unlike capsules, you can find these products in different flavored options. These are normally fruit flavors, including mint, citrus, strawberry, peach nectar, etc.

Appearance and Consumption

Capsules: they are mostly available in solid form, with either a gel casing or a non-gelatinous nature. It’s easy to consume them since you need to swallow a capsule with a glass of water. Generally, the effects will take longer to kickstart since the capsule has first to undergo the process of digestion.

Oils: it’s found in liquid form, and this feature makes them highly versatile. You can take CBD oil as a tincture by placing it underneath the tongue. Wait for around 30 seconds before swallowing the oil. You will experience the effects faster. This is because CBD will quickly reach the bloodstream from the oral glands.


Capsules: they offer a better level of convenience, regardless of your lifestyle. A capsule is easy to use, and you can consume it discreetly. The consumption process is also straightforward since CBD capsules are already available in ore-dosed servings.

Oil: you have less control over the servings. You need to make serving estimates manually by using a dropper. This can easily lead to dosing inconsistencies. Besides that, the whole process is quite demanding. Hence you can’t easily use CBD, especially in public settings. If you are a new user, manually taking measurements can be intimidating.

How to Choose a High-Quality CBD Product

Regardless of the form of CBD you choose, it’s important to consider quality. There are several things you need to consider as you shop, including:

  • Source of CBD: consider CBD products that come from organic sources. This is because CBD hemp is a bioavailable plant. This means that it usually absorbs elements found in its surroundings. Hemp plants grown in toxic environments such as those with heavy metals and pesticides will also be toxic for consumption.
  • Independent 3rd-party lab tests: The CBD market is widely unregulated, and there are high chances of purchasing a low-quality product. To ensure you are safe, you should only consider brands that subject every product batch to independent 3rd-party tests. It should be noted that the laboratory needs to be ISO-certified. Additionally, the results of these tests should be readily available on the brand’s official website.
  • Manufacturing method: there are several methods of manufacturing CBD. Some manufacturers prefer to use solvent extraction since this is a cheap technique. However, using solvents such as propane and butane can leave contaminated residue in the CBD products. for safety, buy CBD products manufactured using a CO2 extraction method.

Where to Purchase CBD Capsules and CBD Oils?

You can find these products in different retail shops, including local stores and eCommerce sites online. But due to the lack of regulation, it’s important to make all your CBD purchases from the brand’s official website. This will help ensure that you get a legitimate product and its actual price. Besides that, you stand a better chance to seek refunds or product replacement. Some manufacturers also have product coupons and frequently offer discounts.


So, which type of CBD product is better? From the overview above, it’s clear that each product has its pros and cons. It’s easier to dose on capsules, and they offer discreetness. Additionally, they are flavorless and tasteless.

However, the effects of CBD capsules usually take longer to kickstart. They need to undergo digestion before the CBD compound can finally get into the bloodstream.  Regardless of these, the effects of CBD capsules can last for hours. This makes them ideal for treating pain and inflammation. On the other hand, CBD oils usually come in a wide range of flavors and potencies. As a result, consumers have more product options to choose from. Besides that, the onset of the effects usually starts in a couple of minutes. This makes CBD oil products ideal for treating anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. However, you must dose your servings manually using a dropper.

Generally, choosing the better product depends on your personal preferences. There is no form that’s better than the other. You simply need to choose a product that will give you the best benefits you desire.



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