Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Best CBD gummies

Sleep deprivation is a common condition affecting millions of people in the world. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 35% of adults do not get enough sleep. Sleeping disorders can cause serious medical conditions to individuals if they are not arrested in good time. For many years, most people have relied on pharmaceutical medicines such as sleeping pills to induce sleep. However, these drugs have serious side effects and can result in dependency. It is for this, and other reasons, that the use of natural remedies such as CBD gummies for sleep is preferred.

Why CBD Gummies?

There are many reasons why CBD gummies are preferred over other alternatives.

  • Gummies are very discrete and can be chewed anywhere without anyone noticing.
  • They are easy to consume as they can be chewed just like any gummy bear.
  • They are available in different flavors and potencies.
  • They are affordable and their effect lasts longer, allowing one to enjoy sleep.
  • CBD gummies for sleep

There are many other attributes of gummies that make them better alternatives to other CBD products. As a result, there are many manufacturers of the best CBD gummies for sleep in the market that one can choose from. However, as a buyer and CBD enthusiast, where do you draw the line? Which brand do you choose, and which one do you ignore? What factors do you look for when buying the best CBD gummies in the market? What makes the best brand?

We decided to try out and compare different brands to ascertain the best CBD gummies for sleep and settled on the following and for good reasons

  1. FAB CBD (Nighttime Gummies)-Best Overall: These are broad-spectrum flavored gummies packed with 12.5mg CBD per gummy.
  2. Hemp Bombs (CBD Gummies for Sleep)-Best Ingredients: Each of these gummies is enriched with 15mg CBD and 5mg melatonin, a perfect blend for the best sleep.
  3. Premium Jane (1500mg Mango Berry CBD Gummies)-Most Potent: With each gummy enriched with 25mg CBD, this is one of the most potent brands in the market. Expect faster and longer-lasting effects when consumed.
  4. PlusCBD Oil (CBD Sleep Gummies 30CT Raspberry)- Best ingredients: The delicious, flavored gummies are packed with 10mg CBD and contain rich ingredients such as lemon balm, magnolia bark, and melatonin.
  5. Seabedee (Sour Neon CBD Gummies): Best price: With just $35.95, you can get a 30-pc jar of these yummy gummies.
  6. Sunday Scaries (CBD Gummies)-Best lab tests: This brand has one of the most comprehensive third-laboratory testing of its products in three levels, from raw materials to finished products.

How We Determined Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Determining which gummies to include in the above list was complex. We had to factor in numerous factors to ensure that we only recommended the best. Some of the factors we looked into are:

Hemp source: With many countries adopting CBD use, we considered brands that utilize organically grown CBD in the United States. States like Colorado have some of the best industrial hemp farms that adhere to the strict Farm Bill guidelines.

Extraction Method: While there are different ways of extracting CBD, the CO2 method is considered amongst the most efficient and safe. It ensures the retention of all cannabinoids and is free from impurities such as solvents.

3rd party Lab Test: It is mandatory for brands to check for the safety and purity of their products CBD gummies for sleep through third-party laboratories. They have to be verified and independent. The availability of COAs is critical.

Brand Reputation: You can only trust a brand that has a reputation in the industry. Most players offer misleading marketing information but the quality of their products is questionable. We, therefore, checked various online sources such as Facebook, BBB, and other review sites to ascertain their reputation.

Potency, Ingredients & Flavor: Potency determines the quantity of CBD gummies one can consume in a single dose. The higher the concentration, the better. We also looked at ingredients such as melatonin, with priority given to organic, US-sourced ingredients.

Customer Experience: We value customer feedback. Current and former users of the best CBD gummies for sleep openly share their experiences. We reviewed their feedback and comments to decide which brands we include in this list.

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Fab CBD Nighttime Gummies: Best Overall

Fab CBD is one of the world leaders when it comes to CBD-infused products. The brand which is also known as Fab Nutrition was founded in 2017 by Josh Delaney whose intention was to help his mother and grandmother find natural remedies that work. Today, the brand has numerous superior quality products under its wings, and it is doing amazingly well.


The nighttime gummies by Fab CBD are uniquely formulated not only to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep but to offer all other CBD benefits such as anxiety and pain relief. Each gummy has a potency of 12.5mg CBD and is packed in 60-count bottles of 750mg total. The acai flavored gummy gives the user the feeling of sweet earthy flavored that is cherished by many. The gummies are manufactured using broad-spectrum CBD extract sourced from the rich and fertile soils of Colorado.

Brands Lab Testing

To guarantee the utmost safety and purity of each of their products, the Fab CBD products are tested by ProVerde laboratories that are ISO 17205 certified. COAs are shared online for easy access and review by customers who would like to check cannabinoid profiles and impurities such as heavy metals.


Consuming the CBD nighttime gummies for sleep is straightforward. You simply 12.5mg CBD gummy 30 minutes before bedtime and let it take the effect. You may want to increase the dosage depending on how your body responds but one gummy should be enough for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Shipping & Return Policy

Orders above $99 are shipped to all destinations in the United States for free. The company accepts returns within 30 days of purchase for a full refund but you st pay for the shipping charges, save for instances when the mistakes can directly be attributed to the company such as wrong or defective products. Note that refunds are strictly for one product of a similar type.


  • A unique and sweet product for nighttime use.
  • Enriched with great ingredients such as Ashwagandha reputable for improving sleep.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Third-party testing for quality and safety with easily accessible COAs.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Free shipping for orders above $99.


  • Limited flavors as only acai are available.
  • Some users have raised concerns regarding the 12.5mg CBD potency.


Fab CBD has worked hard to earn a name in the world of CBD. Their nighttime gummies are revolutionary and loved by many. With great reviews and a fair price of $89 per bottle to boot, this product is amongst the best natural remedies for people who have problems sleeping.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies for Sleep: Best Ingredients

Hemp Bombs is a premium CBD manufacturing company that was founded in 2016 by Donald Biedrzycki and Kevin Collins. Ever since its inception, the company has dedicated time and resources to creating great products for the overall wellness of its customers. They have specialized products for exercise, sleep, work, travel, and even relaxation.

Hemp Bombs

The Hemp Bombs sleep gummies are enriched with sleep-inducing melatonin by ensuring a balancing circadian rhythm for perfect sleep-wake cycles. This ensures that your day’s activities and environment do not get to affect your sleep. Each gummy is packed with 15mg and 5mg melatonin respectively for the ultimate effect.

These gummies are made using THC-free hemp extracts from premium organic farms in the USA extracted using the CO2 method. They are available in five tasty flavors of lime, strawberry, green apple, berries, and blue raspberries. They are packed in 8-count, 20-count, 50-count, and 100-count bottles priced at $15, $25, $55, and $105 respectively.

Brands Lab Testing

To ensure that every product they make is of utmost quality, each product is subjected to further tests by verified and independent third-party laboratories. COAs are easily accessible online to determine cannabinoid profiles and impurities.


The company recommends that users try out one or two gummies for a start but a single gummy every night is sufficient for each serving. You are, however, free to adjust accordingly depending on your body’s response.

Shipping & Return Policy

When you order your Hemp Bomb gummies, the company will process the order fast and ship it to all US destinations for free if it exceeds $50 via standards USPS. In case you prefer to expedite the shipment, then you can pay just $20. They allow 30-day returns for full refunds or exchanges.


  • The high potency of 15mg CBD and 5mg melatonin.
  • Five different flavors for perfect satisfaction.
  • Free shipping with the option of expedited shipping.
  • Strictly use industrial hemp from the United States.
  • 100% refunds for returns within 30 days.
  • Great discounts and offers.
  • Prices are fair as you can order a package that suits your needs.


  • Does not offer international shipping.
  • Restricted free shipping pegged at orders above $50.


This brand has some of the best products that are uniquely formulated for diverse applications. The fact that the CBD gummies for sleep have further been enriched with melatonin confirms the seriousness they put into their products. The different prices, sizes, and flavors even make it better. A highly recommended brand.

Premium Jane CBD Gummies with Melatonin: Most Potent

Premium Jane is known to manufacture an assortment of amazing CBD products aimed at improving the overall life quality of the consumers. Their range of gummies is top of the range and formulated with precision. The brand is anchored on strict family values shared by the founders. Theirs is a story of passion, dedication, and love for humanity.

Premium Jane

Premium Jane’s 1500mg mango berry CBD gummies (25mg CBD per Gummy) is a richly flavored edible that is loved by many customers if the many positive reviews are anything to go by. The gummies are infused with GABA, CBN, melatonin (2.5mg), and chamomile to ensure that consumers maximize sleep. It is also gluten-free, THC-free, and vegan-friendly. It does not contain cholesterol, trans fat, or saturated fat. The gummies are made using broad-spectrum extracts from US-grown organic industrial hemp-extracted using the CO2 method.

Brands Lab Testing

The company undertakes third-party lab tests for all its products to ascertain purity and safety. They especially focus on cannabinoid profiles and their concentrations, ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals and substances such as pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and solvents. Lab reports are easily available for scrutiny for those interested.


The company recommends one gummy that is rich with 25mg CBD and 2.5mg melatonin per serving, taken at least thirty minutes before chewing. This can be adjusted depending on the response of your body after every dosage.

Shipping & Return Policy

All orders are processed fast and shipped to all destinations in the United States for free. They accept returns within 30 days of purchase for refunds or exchange, but the customer feet the shipping charges.


  • The 25mg CBD and 2.5mg melatonin are potent enough for the best effect.
  • 100% US-brand using locally sourced industrial hemp.
  • Third-party tests of all products for safety and purity.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping of all products to the 50 states of the United States.
  • Tasteful mango berry flavor.
  • An assortment of natural ingredients to boot such as chamomile, GABA, and CBN.
  • THC-free and vegan-friendly.


  • Do not ship outside the United States.
  • Only one CBD concentration is available.


Premium Jane gummies with melatonin are amazing edibles that will improve your sleep life. It is priced at just $90 for a 60-count bottle and comes in mango berry flavor. The high potency of 25mg CBD coupled with 2.5mg melatonin ensures you get the best value for your money.

PlusCBD CBD Sleep Gummies 30CT Raspberry: Best Ingredients.

PlusCBD was founded in 2012 by Michael Mona Jr. The parent company, CV Sciences was amongst the very first CBD manufacturers to be certified by the Hemp Authority of the United States. Having been in the industry for close to a decade, the brand has undergone a steady transformation, producing a myriad of unique CBD-infused products that have transformed lives.


The 30CT raspberry sleep gummies from PlusCBD are a delicious product with natural flavors and sweetened non-GMO sugar. The chewable texture is unmatched, a masterpiece in its own league. With each gummy enriched with 10mg CBD for just $29.99 per jar of 30 gummies, users can enjoy the best natural remedy for a restful night. Other ingredients such as lemon balm, magnolia bark, and melatonin for utmost relaxation and peaceful sleeping. There are no artificial flavors added to this product.

Brands Lab Testing

All PlusCBD gummies are tested in verified third-party laboratories to confirm their purity and safety. You can easily access the COA reports from the products’ pages that clearly outline cannabinoid profiles contained, the presence of heavy metals, and other impurities.


According to the clinically tested gummies, you get the ultimate experience by taking the 10mg gummy initially, an hour before bedtime. Monitor how your body responds to the CBD before adjusting the dosage. The beauty of it is that you cannot overdose on this product.

Shipping & Return Policy

The company conveniently ships free all orders above $45 to all destinations within the United. They also accept returns lodged within 30 days of delivery for full refunds less the shipping fees. You can also claim refunds for damaged products within 6 days of delivery.


  • Manufactured with extracts from organic hemp in the USA.
  • Undertakes third-party laboratory testing of all products.
  • The fair price of just $29.99.
  • Great discounts of up to 20% with subscription plans.
  • Free shipping for orders above $45 to US destinations.
  • Certified by the US hemp Authority.
  • Natural organic ingredients are used such as melatonin.


  • The potencies are restricted to 10mg per gummy.
  • Does not offer international shipping.
  • No free shipping for orders below $45.


The PlusCBD for sleep 30 CT raspberry is an excellent sleep-inducing remedy that exceeds the users’ expectations. While some users may find the 10mg concentration a bit low, it can easily be boosted by taking more than one gummy before sleep for the ultimate effect. The price is also fair, ensuring that you get value for money.

Seabedee Sour Neon CBD Gummies: Best Price

Seabedee is a San Diego-based CBD products manufacturer that was Paul Clotar and Pete Stadniuk that was founded in 2019 to fill the gaps that they felt existed in the industry. The two friends had a dream of ensuring every person has access to the transformative natural remedy for the wellbeing of the body. Despite being recent entrants into this business, their product catalog is rich with numerous types of products for various applications. Their formulations are always unique and enhanced for the best effect on the user.

Seabedee Sour Neon

The yummy sour neon CBD gummies are not only designed to boost the users’ sleep, but also relieve stress and enhance moods. The company uses CBD isolates, which means that they are THC-free. Each neon gummy bear contains 10mg CBD and is packed in 300mg packets that currently retail at just $35.95 each. You can save up to 20% by opting for a monthly subscription where you will be at liberty to opt-out at will. These are vegan gummy bears that have no artificial additives for just the perfect feeling and a good night’s sleep.

Brands Lab Testing

To ensure that the information regarding the ingredients, cannabinoid profiles, and impurity levels contained in the gummies and indicated on the label is accurate, Seabedee conducts comprehensive internal laboratory testing which is further validated by reputable third-party laboratories. This is done per batch and the COA can easily be accessed from the website or by scanning QR codes on the labels.


The recommended dosage of the sour neon CBD gummies is 2-3 gummies to be chewed at least one hour before bedtime. This gives makes it possible for the CBD gummies to penetrate and kick in. You are also at liberty to start with a smaller dosage, of just one gummy before advancing gradually as you observe your body’s reactions.

Shipping & Return Policy

The company ships all orders above $30 for free to destinations in the United States. They also have a 30-day return policy for full refunds, but you will be asked to pay for shipping. Refunds are processed upon receipt.


  • Free shipping for orders of more than $30 to US destinations.
  • Uses organic industrial hemp from the USA.
  • Made with THC-free CBD isolate.
  • Affordable with voluntary bundle save options.
  • Third-party laboratory testing for purity.


  • Only 10mg per gummy is available.
  • Do not ship outside the United States.
  • Free shipping is restricted to orders above $30.


The sour neon CBD gummies from Seabedee is an amazing product that can suit every customer’s needs. The formulation is ideal for everyday sleep-inducing purposes.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies: Best Lab Testing

Sunday Scaries is a brand that was inspired by the desire to find the ultimate relaxation effect of two friends and former bar owners, Beau and Mike. It currently enjoys a broad array of products whose performance in the market has been steadily well received. You no longer must worry about the dreadful Monday

Sunday Scaries

The Sunday Scaries CBD gummies for sleep are highly rated and preferred offering consumers not just the therapeutic benefits of CBD but the satisfaction of enjoying world-class gummies for sleep. Enriched with THC-free broad-spectrum CBD organic hemp extracts sourced from Colorado, these tasty gummies will leave you wishing for more. Each gummy contains 10mg CBD, which is sufficient to offer the user the best relaxation for sound sleep, plus vitamins B12 and D3 priced at only $23 per bottle. You can save up to 20% of this amount with a subscription plan.

Brands Lab testing

To guarantee their customers utmost safety and quality, the company has a rigorous 3-stage internal and external testing mechanism. The ISO-certified KND Labs handles the raw materials testing while other CBD-specialized like Green Scientific, Chemical Labs, and Cannasafe laboratories take care of finished products testing. The COA reports are available on the company website.


The recommended dosage for the best effect is 2-3 gummies, taken an hour before sleep. This can be adjusted depending on how long it takes to feel the effects of CBD.

Shipping & Return policy

Sunday Scariest offers free shipping to all destinations in the United States for orders above $59 and all monthly subscription plans. They accept returns for full refunds for those customers who might feel dissatisfied. However, the timeframe is not provided.


  • Enjoys a good reputation amongst customers with an impressive A+ rating on BBB.
  • Enriched with the best ingredients such as D3 and b12.
  • It is a 100% U.S-owned company using locally sourced ingredients.
  • Ships for free all orders above $59 or those on a monthly subscription plan.
  • All products are tested on 3 levels for purity and safety.
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Reputable brand with an A+ rating on BBB.
  • Superior quality ingredients used, including vitamins B12 and D3.
  • 100% U.S brand.
  • Vegan-free gummies


  • Only orders above $59 are shipped for free.
  • Do not deliver overseas.
  • Low potency of 10mg CBD per gummy.


The CBD gummies for sleep from Sunday Scaries are impeccably formulated, enriched with amazing ingredients, priced fairly, and safe. The 3-stage laboratory testing is one of its kind.

What do You look for When Buying CBD Gummies for Sleep?

Competition is rife in the CBD industry, requiring buyers to be keen when shopping for, and buying CBD-infused products. With manufacturers and CBD marketers working hard to attract customers, you must get into the market with an informed mind to avoid being swindled. To buy the best CBD gummies for sleep, you must consider the following attributes.

Extraction method: The purest and most recommended method of extraction of CBD from industrial hemp is through the CO2 method. This means that there are no solvents involved, guaranteeing the utmost purity and safety of the products they are used in making. Other methods, though still in use, are not recommended because they introduce impurities such as chemicals that may be harmful.

Read customer reviews: The customer is always right. In the event that you come across CBD gummies for sleep with numerous reviews, run. The beauty of it is that this information is easily available and accessible online. A good brand, such as the above, sells itself. Check out websites such as BBB to find out what others think. Check their social media pages and other review platforms to get an idea of how the brand handles its products.

Shipping and Return policies: Before you buy any product from a supplier or manufacturer, remember to enquire about their shipping and return terms. Be wary of brands that do not accept returns as they might sell you a defective product. In case there are shipping charges, how reasonable are they? Free shipping is recommended.

Potency: Potencies of various CBD gummies for sleep vary extensively. The higher the CBD potency, the less you will have to consume to feel it kick in. Highly potent gummies are also preferred because they save you money. However, you can always improve on the potencies by consuming more than one gummy at a time for the same effect.

Other ingredients: Sleep-enhancing ingredients such as melatonin will complement the effects of CBD, helping you enjoy the best night’s sleep. Find out the sources of these ingredients, with organic sources being preferred.

It is critical to be observant before buying CBD or other products. You need to take time and read consumer reviews. Check out their website to establish whether the seller is a manufacturer or merely a supplier. Find out the prices and make comparisons prior to that. With the right product, you will never regret your choices.

Do CBD Gummies Work for Anxiety and Depression?

Even though there is insufficient evidence to conclusively confirm whether CBD can actually help with anxiety and depression. However, animal trials on rats have shown that CBD can be effective in the managing of symptoms associated with a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). A literature review published in 2017 on the effects of CBD in managing symptoms associated with psychiatric disorders appeared to disagree that the efficacy of CBD on anxiety and depression. However, a study conducted in 2016 indicated that CBD might indeed contain some antipsychotic characteristics in patients with schizophrenia.

While preliminary evidence points at the possibilities of CBD being used as an anxiety and depression remedy, there is need for more human trials to ascertain the mechanisms of action and efficacy.

How do You Consume CBD Gummies?

This is one of the easiest CBD-infused products to consume. It is taken by mouth, just like normal gummy bears. You show chew gradually as you let CBD and other cannabinoids take effect. The duration when the effects may kick in may vary from one person to another, and other factors such as the potency. For sleep, it is recommended that you take the gummies at least one hour before bedtime.

Do CBD Gummies Work for Pain Relief?

While scientific studies on whether CBD gummies can be effective in managing pain are still ongoing, there is sufficient evidence that indeed, they can actually alleviate some types of pain. An article by Havard University appears to approve the possibilities of using CBD for pain. In fact, many athletes today use CBD gummies and other products such as topicals to relieve muscle pain. Generally, this effect is a result of CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

The Bottom line

It might not be easy to decide the best CBD gummies for sleep brands in the market, especially for first-time buyers, but it can be simpler if you know precisely what to look for. The best way to find out is to try out any of the above brands to find out for yourself.


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