Afghan Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Afghan Kush Strain

“Afghan Kush is a landrace strain that originated in the Amu Darya River Valley”. This place is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. For centuries, in the wild, people grew Afghan Kush. Through a continual natural selection process, the genetic profile of Afghan Kush stabilized and formed what we know today.

Many breeders consider Afghan Kush as the backbone of the modern Indica strains. This plant has a somewhat sour aroma. It also provides euphoric and relaxing effects.

About Afghan Kush

“Afghan Kush’s roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.”. Over the centuries, people have perfected it and make it what it is today. Therefore, now it is the best source for hash, like Charas.

Thanks to a company from the Netherlands called White Label Seed Company that partnered with Sensei Seeds, the world is able to grow the Afghan Kush strain. The Afghan Kush buds tend to develop into blunt topped, massive nuggets. Those nuggets are usually filled with resin. Also, this strain harvest comes in big yields.

Due to its heavy resin content, people revere this plant all around the world. This also happens because its sedating effects are potent. So, that is why any person who looks to relax once their long day is over tends to choose it.

This is a strain of marijuana that is relatively easy to grow. It is also known because its effect lasts between 2 and 3 hours.  Afghan Kush has 21.6% of THC levels. Moreover, it also has high levels of CBD. Therefore, its medicinal value is excellent.

Afghan Kush Strain Growing Info

African Kush doesn’t use the typical seed process because it uses a clone as it is more beneficial. Nevertheless, that does not suggest that it is not possible to cultivate this plant from a seed.

This plant grows excellently regardless of the conditions, whether they are normal or adverse. Yet, obtaining a clone is an excellent option. That is to ensure that you will not need to take care of it while it is sprouting.

Afghan Kush has a growing speed that is relatively fast. You shouldn’t have any type of trouble while growing it yourself. Nevertheless, there is always something you can do to make the growing process more efficient. Furthermore, by increasing its efficiency, you will be increasing the final yield you will be getting.

The first thing that you need to do is provide it with a lot of high-quality nitrogen fertilizer. Since this plant usually burns through the natural nitrogen reserves, nitrogen fertilizer is a great option! You can also use other specific growing methods and trimming to increase the yield.

Snipping off the tip of your growth is an excellent thing to do because it encourages bud-producing lateral growth. Also, don’t forget to remove the leaves under the majority growth. Otherwise, the leaves would sap up the energy that the plant requires.

You need to put your Afghan Kush bud into your dryer as soon as you harvest it. This will aid you in making sure that your plans develop the right color to remain beautiful.

Effects of Afghan Kush

A lot of people have been consuming Afghan Kush for a while now. After consuming African Kush, the three most common feelings that most people reported were relaxed, hungry, and sleepy. However, some people reported some adverse effects. The most common ones are dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth. Nevertheless, the people that consumed Afghan Kush reported that taking this helped them with anxiety, pain, and stress in most cases.

Appearance, Smell and Flavor

If you are thinking of consuming Afghan Kush, then you need to take into consideration several things.

First of all, you need to take into consideration its appearance. “This strain grows in sturdy branches, covered in resinous, huge, condensed buds whose trichomes glisten beneath rusty red hairs and broad leaves.”. You will notice that the buds have a lot of dark orange and red-colored hairs.

“Earthy, Floral, Kush, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet”. Even though you can feel some sweetness in it. The most common characteristics are pleasant and darkness hash. This is due to the fact that this strain is a little bit spicy, powdery, and dense. The smell of Afghan Kush is also essential. Since it comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range, the primary aroma that you will smell is hash.

The most common flavors for this marijuana strain are woody, sweet, spicy, and herbal. So, as you can see, you have many different options for its different flavors.

Benefits of Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush has many benefits for the body’s health. This strain of marijuana is really useful to treat insomnia. This is you to the fact that it produces a high sleep effect. However, it is not instantaneous. So, it won’t make you pass out instantly.

Since it has a relaxing effect, it is really good to help relieve stress. So, it is also very useful to relieve some of the negative consequences of mental disorders. For example, when dealing with intense feelings of anxiety.

Some persons like to consume Afghan Kush in order to treat painful conditions. Let’s not forget that Afghan Kush can be really helpful to treat PTSD, PMS, migraines, and loss of appetite.

So, as you can see, Afghan Kush is very helpful, medically speaking.

Possible Side effects

“The significant thing about the side effects of the Afghan Kush strain is that, while it does have a high dose of THC, it also possesses the right balance of other cannabinoids.” Some of the side effects of marijuana happen because there is a lack of balance in the cannabinoids. So before consuming this marijuana strain, please remember that some side effects may occur.

The most common side effects that people have reported feeling are dry mouth and dry eyes. Also, some dizziness can come from consuming it. But this only happens if you smoke too much all at once. So, if you want to avoid this, you need to pace yourself. Some people reported feeling some headaches after smoking this marijuana strain. But again, only if they smoked much.

However, if you tend to feel some paranoia, it might be the best idea to avoid this strain. This is because it has high levels of THC. So, if you consume it, it could further enhance your paranoia feelings.

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To conclude, Afghan Kush has many benefits for the human body. Therefore, consuming Afghan Kush may be a great idea if you are suffering from certain body ailments. However, you cannot forget that this strain of marijuana has some possible side effects. So, please do take them into account before consuming it.



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